Bio-Resonance Therapy for E-smog and Electronic Smog


We still see the effects of smog from the Industrial Revolution in England, however we have a new kind of smog that we cannot see.


Health effects of electromagnetic radiation

Small amounts of certain types of ionizing radiation, such as gamma rays, are widespread and occur naturally in the world around us. We are also exposed to other electromagnetic fields through manmade sources. While this may not usually present serious health hazards, such as cancer, some research indicates that emf exposure could lead to other health concerns.

This topic is still widely disputed in the press and scientific circles. However there are numerous reports which describe the effects of electromagnetic fields and warn of their impact on human health. Many therapists operating with naturopathy have long known that this radiation exposure presents health risks by triggering or aggravating some diseases.

In addition to this, regulatory methods of therapy do not work as well on patients that are struggling from radiation exposure. This means that affected individuals may find that treatment for other health problems is not as helpful as it would otherwise be. In other cases, treatment may initially produce positive health effects, only for the patients to quickly experience a revival of their initial symptoms.

How can BICOM® bioresonance help?

A diagnostic process can help to determine whether or not a patient is suffering from radiation stress. There are excellent BICOM® programs which help treat and remove the effects of radiation exposure.

Incorporating these into the treatment helps to make subsequent treatment sessions more effective, and benefits the patient as they are physically ready to benefit from further therapy. These programs can also cause the benefits of a therapy session to last longer for the patient. As a result, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their treatment. Yet, simply treating the symptoms does not remove the root cause of the problem.

What are the sources of electromagnetic fields?

There are various factors which, in combination, may be contributing to a person’s emf (electric and magnetic field) exposure. These may include, for example, radio waves, x-rays, electrical equipment, power lines, mobile phone masts, electronic wiring or simply devices such as a computer or mobile phone.

Naturally, technology advances have led to humans being exposed to more sources of electromagnetic radiation. This has the potential to lead to a public health risk for individuals who are sensitive to these forms of electromagnetic radiation.

In over 90% of cases, the environment where the patient sleeps is the main cause of the problem. As a result, practical steps may be needed to take protective measures, perhaps by moving electronic devices further from the sleeping area, where this is possible.

Research on electric and magnetic fields


Andrew Goldsworthy is an Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College London. He retired from full time teaching in 2004 but still gives occasional lectures there in specialist subjects such as food irradiation and the (exorbitant) energy cost of modern food production.

Publications about emf exposure

His interest in the biological effects of electromagnetic fields dates back over 30 years but has only recently come to fruition with the publication of a new theory that explains many of their seemingly weird effects in simple physico-chemical terms. It was first published (mainly in relation to plants) in Plant Electrophysiology – Theory and Methods, Ed AG Volkov (Springer 2006).

This was followed by an Internet publication in 2007 (which can be viewed on this site) entitled ‘The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields’, which deals with their effects on humans and animals and, in particular, the dangers from mobile phones.

Possible connection to other health problems such as calcium deficiency

The article also includes a section that draws attention to the remarkable similarity between the symptoms of electrosensitivity and those of hypocalcemia (low blood calcium). This is interpreted as being due to both electromagnetic fields and low blood calcium removing structural calcium from cell membranes to produce similar physiological effects.

It is argued that electrosensitive individuals may already have a slightly low level of calcium in their bloodstream so that electromagnetic exposure ‘pushes them over the edge’ and they develop hypocalcemia symptoms. If this is correct, it raises the possibility that conventional treatments for hypocalcemia may remove some, if not all, of the symptoms of electrosensitivity. More research and scientific evidence is needed to assess how this treatment would affect those with sensitivity to electromagnetic waves.


Research shows that electric and magnetic fields may contribute towards, or exacerbate, certain health problems. Radiation stress may also make treatment for other conditions less effective. While more research is needed, many have found that BICOM® bioresonance therapy can help to alleviate the negative impacts of radiation. Lifestyle adjustments may also be used as a preventative measure. It’s also possible to purchase in home devices such as the Regumed 5G protector, it has independent research and accreditation, you can see the product here