Patient Experiences for Bioresonance Therapy



Tracking down the hidden causes of illness… I have been working with bioresonance therapy for [...]

Children with chesty night-time coughs

Are cuddly toys the culprit? We have been working with BICOM® therapy for just one [...]

Hannes is able to breathe deeply and freely again

Small child with asthma When little Hannes was seven months old he developed spastic bronchitis [...]

40-year-old woman suffered for 25 years from a runny nose and watering eyes

Doctor’s assistant: I could fill an entire book with allergy therapy success stories We have [...]

Considerable health problems since the age of 2: sensitivity to chemicals

The parents’ view on the BICOM® method: we didn’t know that the medicine was so [...]

“Surprisingly Accurate Scan & Effective Treatment!”

“Surprisingly accurate scan and effective treatment. I came across Bioresonance about 15 years ago when [...]

Permanent cold and watering eyes for months

ENT specialist: BICOM® bioresonance method – a good way to offset lower revenues as a [...]

Help with asthma

A mother reports: The Management team at Regumed received the following letter from the mother [...]



“I stopped smoking 3 years ago today with Bioresonance Therapy. I had stopped before using [...]


Eye inflammations caused by allergies, viruses or bacteria

Eye inflamation treatment In my experience I am able to achieve better results with bioresonance [...]


Childless for so long – then finally a baby!

Gynaecology: Alternative infertility treatment Unwanted childlessness is a problem for more and more couples. Generally [...]

From mycosis treatment to endometriosis therapy

Finally after 13 years: Most of us gynaecologists are biased towards the use of conventional [...]

For years recurring inflammations in the vagina and in the true pelvis

Resistant pathogen successfully treated and as a result renewed pleasure in ‘conjugal duties…’ In my [...]

From PAP IVa to PAP II Decision to choose alternative medicine

Gynaecology: Alternative treatment In January 2002 I went for a check-up with my gynaecologist. The [...]

Happy patient: from PAP IIId to PAP II

Gynaecology: During Ms. B.’s cancer check-up with her gynaecologist changes were discovered in her portio [...]

Breast inflammation, blocked milk ducts and suppurating nipples

Undimmed joy of motherhood after alternative treatment Unfortunately motherhood is not always without its problems. [...]


Lyme Disease

Migraine Relief within two weeks!

“I didn’t really know what to expect when I first came for Bioresonance therapy, but [...]

Extraordinary Experience for a Lyme Disease Sufferer

“My experience with Reson8 was an extraordinary one and I believe this played a pivotal [...]

Bioresonance – An Essential Lifeline?

“So HIGHLY recommended by a Lyme and Msids sufferer: Words cannot express my appreciation for [...]

Musculoskeletal system / Neurology

Neurology: Post-Herpes zoster neuralgia

After BICOM® treatment pain-free walking holiday in Nepal The 76-year-old patient was suffering increasing sciatic [...]

Epilepsy in an infant

Therapist: a treatment that gets to the root of the problem Seeing children suffer unleashes [...]

Herniated Discs

Neurology: In 124 cases of herniated discs: bioresonance instead of operating At the 2007 International [...]

Brain paralysis treated

Two children with cerebral palsy treated with Bioresonance, see the results.. Attending doctor: “The boy [...]


Acute pain and oedema

Able to practise as a doctor again There is so much to explain if you [...]

Successfully treating pain

At least 8 million patients experiencing pain in Germany* When I started working with the [...]

Joint & Body pain, eased with the aid of Bioresonance

“After not feeling well for a number of years I suddenly started experiencing pain in [...]

Relief from a Chronic Condition?

“I was amazed by what Bioresonance testing was able to detect – without knowing anything [...]

An Endless List of Pain problems, helped by Bioresonance Therapy?

“Chris at Reson8 was recommended to me by a close friend & I’m so pleased [...]

Pain relief with the aid of Bioresonance

  ” I suffer from aches and pains.. what I know realise are anxiety attacks, [...]

Relief from Jaw Pain (TMJ) in just one session?

“I hope this will help those who are unsure whether to try Bioresonance, those who [...]

82-year-old patient experiencing pain

Enjoying her gardening again This original report from a patient was kindly made available to [...]


Pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) severe skin disorder

No longer on any medication I continued with weekly Bioresonance and got better. Within 3 [...]

Skin rashes: for 10 years suppurating pustules all over body

A good feeling: being able to help chronically ill patients! For around four years we [...]

Baby with persistent skin rash

Skin: A mother reports When our son Dominik was only three months old, he developed [...]

Neurodermatitis in its worst form

Skin and a 5-month-old baby: In my practice I treat many children, but I had [...]

Extreme skin reddening on the face for 20 years

Stress caused by wood preserver One day a patient came to me who had been [...]

Unable to work, with mobility problems caused by extremely inflamed and painful legs

Patient no longer believed that she could be helped I have been working since 1990 [...]


Skin: Alternative treatment Female patient: it is like starting over again… Manfred Heggli, naturopath from [...]


An end to recurring urinary tract infections

Urology: BICOM® in a urological practice I very often found that I had exhausted all [...]

Help with incontinence following a prostate operation

Urology Incontinence is a subject that most of those affected would rather not talk about. [...]

High temperature and bacteria in the urine

A mystery to everyone Julian was one week old when I visited him and on [...]