Eye inflammations caused by allergies, viruses or bacteria

Inflammation of the eye

Eye inflamation treatment

In my experience I am able to achieve better results with bioresonance therapy for many illnesses than I can using other methods.

Allergy therapy is a very important area covered at our opthalmology practice. Above all with bioresonance therapy we have the opportunity not only to suppress symptoms with eye drops, antihistamines or cortisone medication, but also to remove the allergy completely.

Almost every patient looking to get their allergy under control with desensitisation ends up at our practice sooner or later to be treated with bioresonance and are then impressed by the rapid improvement in their condition.

Every eye specialist should buy a BICOM® device in order to provide effective help to patients, particularly during the pollen season, because it is possible to make real progress in treating allergies using the BICOM®. We also treat eye inflammations which are not caused by allergies with the BICOM® device. Often they are caused by a viral stress, e.g. through Herpes or other viruses. This is quick to test and treat using the BICOM®.

The same also applies to bacterial stresses, particularly Chlamydia trachomatis, which are the main cause of conjunctivitis.

Dry eyes are also easy to treat and treatment is generally successful. I recall a patient who was complaining of dry eyes. This was caused by an inflammation of the lymph nodes, known as sarcoidosis. We were also able to help this patient using BICOM® therapy.