Bio-Resonance Therapy for Neurological Disorders

SUMMARY Disturbances of the peripheral nervous system are reported on, e. g. neuralgia, impaired sensation, paralysis, „multiple sclerosis”, and illnesses of the central nervous system — of the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and the cerebral nerves.

CASE STUDIES Case studies of patients suffering from the follow- ing illnesses are discussed in detail: paresis neuralgia muscle fibrillation restless legs multiple sclerosis cephalagia trigeminus neuralgia cerebro-organic seizures vertigo sight impairment up to blindness bulbar paralysis amyotrophic lateral sclerosis syndromes of the cerebellum Parkinsonism tinnitus retro-orbital pain impaired motor coordination ON THE CAUSES OF THE ILLNESSES In principle, viral and toxic contaminations, in- cluding metabolic and break-down products of micro-organisms (bacteria), should be searched for. Neurotoxic effects also appear in cases of fungal infection. The aflatoxins must be mentioned in this regard (Aspergillus, Mucor!) Depending on the symptoms in the case of par- asite attacks, one should also assume that neuro- toxic effects of parasitic decay and of metabolic products are present. Neurological illnesses are always caused by several factors. The paper will deal with this in detail. BIORESONANCE THERAPY After careful diagnosis, BICOM® resonance therapy proved to be very successful with specific and general toxin removal, own blood therapy, native preparations made from pathogens and nosode preparations. I will also discuss this in detail.