It’s lovely to meet you, this is a story about 2 normal people who had never heard of bioresonance, spent years in the conventional medical system and then discovered this amazing complementary therapy – that changed our lives for the better.

Bioresonance.org is a website created by us to share experiences, case studies, research and scientific papers on Bioresonance Therapy. The site was built in order to increase awareness for this form of complementary medicine among medical professionals and the general public.

Bioresonance therapy concentrates on balancing energy fields within the human body by using sound waves. This type of treatment has been used around the world for many years.

Our Story

My name is David Franklin and I live in Leeds, United Kingdom. A number of people have asked me to add my story that explains why we established BICOM® UK and to go on and create the largest BICOM® Bioresonance training school outside Germany.Sarah Franklin in 2004
The reason for relating this is to hopefully help other people to really research their medical symptoms and fully research all the options available this includes conventional allopathic medicine and complementary. We respect doctors and the job they do, but unfortunately most have been trained in only one modality and sadly don’t have the time to invest in each patient. This results so often in treating symptoms that appear before them with pharmaceutical drugs and so we begin:

Early Signs of Illness

My wife Sarah was always in good health and returned to the family business after our two children started school, she had complained of feeling tired and the doctors had prescribed Levothyroxine to balance an underactive thyroid. This seemed to work and for a number of years life was good. We enjoyed holidays in Barbados, Spain, Grand Cayman, Egypt and other places, Sarah even followed me into scuba diving, which was very out of character, as she didn’t like the sea, the reason behind this is explained later.

At the end of 2007 she was gradually becoming very tired, had to give up working. Her health continued to decline and she was also losing weight but not to a worrying degree and she also maintained a healthily looking tan-like colour even though we had not been abroad for sometime. A couple of doctors visits resulted in the same comments “you have kids, of course you will be tired!” and the typical “it’s all in your head”.  We are brought up to believe that if someone in a white coat and stethoscope says something – we believe them. However I was becoming increasingly concerned and also stressed due to most of the family responsibilities landing on me, cooking, cleaning, working, looking after the kids etc. We were becoming desperate at this point and my mum helped in a big way, she took Sarah to her house and wrote down all the symptoms and full history. Then to Google which led to a book by Dr Gordon Skinner called “Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism” In there it discussed a condition called Addison’s Disease, where the Adrenals stop producing Adrenaline. Armed with this information I virtually carried Sarah to the doctors.

The Doctors Visit

Our local GP surgery happened to have a very well qualified doctor on the day we arrived, he carefully examined Sarah’s hands which were the still tan/brown colour but in the creases they were a darker brown. He said fairly quickly after we arrived that he thought it might be Addison’s Disease, I was pleased that I didn’t have to pull the Dr Google line but we didn’t realise at this point how serious the situation was. The doctor said he would refer us to an Endocrinologist and he would be in touch, he said Sarah had to rest and I had to go get the car so she didn’t have to walk.

A good friend of ours worked as a receptionist at the clinic and she later told us that after we left the doctor came out and had all the staff urgently calling the local hospitals to see who could get us in straight away.

The Hospital Visit

We both went to the hospital as Sarah was unable to drive at this point, the Endocrinologist took one look at Sarah and said he was convinced it was Addison’s but needed to do a cortisol level test. This involves taking a blood sample and measuring the cortisol levels, the gauge they used was a healthy person should be 300 at a normal rest stage, Sarah was 35. When an injection is given to stress the body the level should go to 600 but Sarah’s went only to 135. More tests were needed but he made the unusual request that we take all the medication home and wait for a call, that call would be to get straight on the medication.


We received the call that afternoon to get straight on the medication, which was


So great news that it was caught in time and Sarah was still alive!! We later found out that 90% of diagnosed cases of Addisons are found during autopsy. So we were in the fortunate 10%, however the journey was only just beginning.

Life on Steroids

The steroids were very low dose and should not have side-effects, at least this is what we were told by the doctors when Sarah experienced a number of side effects listed on the warning sheets within the medication boxes. Weight gain, weakened ligaments and muscles were the main concerns with Sarah only able to walk a short distance before her body ached. It was no real comfort that we were told she should now be able to lead a fairly normal life when this is not what we were experiencing, yes some people with Addison’s run marathons!!


Prior to our journey I had no medical experience and Sarah had worked as a pharmacy dispenser, so we really relied on the doctors, but we started to look for other options due to the damaging effects of the medication. We had heard of bioresonance as at least 30 or so friends had very good results and told us about it in the past, but when you are in good health you don’t really pay attention. I was very sceptical of any alternative therapies but willing to look into it, I started to look into the science behind it and talked to some manufacturers, I also booked Sarah in for a test and treatment at a local therapist.
Our first session seemed strange, it was in someone’s house with family members and he was running well over an hour late. Sarah sat in a chair whilst the therapist sent frequencies to her from his machine and the therapist tested response with a biotensor that moved with the output frequencies, I had not seen anything like it.
The test and treatment lasted about 90 minutes, we did not expect any real treatment for the adrenals but we hoped other stress may be found and treated. The therapist said that he had found Teschovirus which comes from pigs and we didn’t really know what to expect following treatment.
The results were noticed that evening, Sarah used to lie on the couch on an evening, relaxing prior to going to bed, she always struggled to get up and go up the stairs, however, she was able to do this with the pain she normally had – our interest grew further.

I decided that if this device had such an effect after one treatment then I needed to look into further, at the time I was working in Executive Recruitment so I was well placed to investigate companies and devices. I spent many months ringing manufacturers and therapists from around the world, I even booked to see some of them and my personal experience during one visit was quite remarkable.

My experience

I have been very fortunate with my health, I have probably only had 3 days off due to sickness in my entire working life. But during my research I started to get headaches and a pain in my neck, I ignored this as most things go by themselves, however, I started to worry after my cognitive function became impaired. I had to daily write emails and proposals, I’ve never been great at spelling but even spell checker could not work out what I was trying to write! My memory became bad and I even started to feel mentally and physically lethargic, which wasn’t like me. My father in law suggested I look into Meningitis as it had been in the news. After looking at the NHS website I felt I needed to see the doctor urgently. They got me in the same day after calling them, however after the blood test came back clear, they didn’t seem overly concerned and asked me to come back if the symptoms became worse. The thing was I had already been suffering for a few weeks and was worried.

I decided that I would go see the same therapist that Sarah had seen, but be a little naughty, as I was still researching this method I asked the therapist if he just did a well man check as I was feeling ok. He started testing me but after 10 minutes he put the biotensor down and said he had found something that there was no way he would let me leave with it. What? Meningococcus! What’s that? I said is that why I have headaches? The shocked therapist explaining that it can cause brain swelling and can be fatal. I must say that there was no way he could have known that I had visited the doctor and what my symptoms were. I was impressed but still very sceptical, after 2 hours of therapy I still didn’t feel much different but after 3 days my constant headaches had gone and so had the pain in my neck, a week later all my cognitive function had returned. Call it a fluke, coincidence or whatever, I was convinced that I had to learn more about this.

In all my research most therapists were saying “BICOM” so I decided to call them in Germany. Very shortly I was talking to the International Sales Director. I explained why I was interested and he offered to get on a plane to come and see me, I was overwhelmed by the quality of service and reputation they had, including tens of thousands of case studies, I had a feeling that this would be the company I would represent.

Watch this interview from a few years after our first telephone call

The problem was I had a good business, didn’t want to become a therapist BUT I had to have a BICOM. So I decided to take the offer of becoming the UK agent, I admit – just to get a good discount on my demonstrator unit. I started treating Sarah, then other family members and friends, the results were so interesting that these people started to talk, to the point that I had to start taking notice, this was soon becoming a business that I had not expected would do much. From a zero income, by 2019 we were turning over close to £1000000 in sales and therapy fees, purely built on word of mouth referrals. But more importantly, we were helping many people and winning support from some conventional doctors, surgeons and nurses, even receiving referral clients from them. The testimonials were growing and continue to despite people not really liking to advertise their ailments, even if they had improved.

Overtime, Sarah’s health slowly started to improve again. She still had to be careful as to not to overdo it, but we found that through Bioresonance, we were able to treat other stresses that were in her body. Mainly, it helped to alleviate some side effects of the medication she was taking, which also contributed to her general health and wellbeing. 

As the business started to pick up, I became busier and busier and struggled to keep up the therapy side of the business, especially for Sarah and family members. Naturally, the clients became priority and it meant that Sarah’s health started to decline slowly again as she was no longer able to receive the weekly treatment she was having beforehand. In 2014, Chris joined the business and became the new face of Reson8, which is the therapy side to our company. This had a huge impact on the business and meant that there could be more attention put into treating patients and it also meant that Sarah could go back to having a weekly treatment again. Which meant her health could begin to improve again. However, things still are on going process, it is not a cure all device but it has improved the quality of Sarah’s life. Each weekly treatment she can tell that it’s combating the problems the body is creating, within a day or two can feel the positive results of treatment.

To be continued…