How does BICOM bioresonance work?

Bioresonance therapy falls in the group of holistic therapies that include homeopathy, acupuncture, and other naturopathic, non invasive therapy procedures within the arena of empirical healing.

The fundamental principles of the following hypothesis for bioresonance therapy have been confirmed by the latest discoveries in quantum mechanics and biophysics, but have not yet been accepted by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine. We’ll attempt to explain simply here how it works.

Wave-particle duality

Discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that all particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles. This means that all substances – and therefore all body cells, body parts, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins, etc. – emit electromagnetic waves. Depending upon their nature, all substances have a specific typical wavelength or frequency with highly individual characteristics. This is known as a frequency pattern.

cells and matter

Cells communicate with one another

Living as we do in the communication and information age, it is time we faced up to the fact that the body can also only function and regulate itself because communication and thus an exchange of information takes place between the various cells in the body. Research into biophotons is based on the assumption that cells communicate with one another by changing energetic information by means of “flashes of light” (photon radiation) which are electromagnetic oscillations. They exchange information over certain frequencies.

This information exchange functions unhindered in healthy bodies where a healthy energy balance and flow exist. As a result, each cell and part of the body is able to do its job, healthy waves rather than corrupted ones. However, where there are unhealthy cells present, unhealthy frequencies result. These frequencies can be detected using the bioresonance method.

2 cells communicating via electro-magnetic frequencies

Stress-inducing factors or substances can impede communication between cells

If undesirable substances (toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc.) or harmful radiation act on the body, these may impede communication between the cells, resulting in altered information and ultimately unhealthy organ function, a hindered healing process, and a negative effect on the immune system. Bio resonance therapy cannot be said to treat disease but helps to strengthen normal functions in cellular communication.

pathogenic cell communication interrupts normal cell

Disrupted cell communication may result in organic changes

Where communication between cells is impaired, this will of course prevent those cells from functioning properly, affecting all the body’s biological systems. We see evidence of this to varying degrees in the form of non-specific disturbances in general well-being, poor performance, chronic fatigue, allergic symptoms and later as organic changes plus related symptoms such as we see in rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. Traditional medical treatments do not always get to the root cause of these issues, but bio resonance therapy, using a bioresonance machine, can reveal the energy disturbances, help to relieve the stress load and restore the body’s energetic system to optimum balance.

Symptoms frequently occur at the point where there was already a deficiency – often hereditary.

sick cells

Determining individual stresses accurately

The body’s extracellular fluid is not just the cells’ culture medium. It also serves as a ‘special rubbish dump’ for harmful substances if the eliminating organs such as the liver/gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, etc. are overloaded. Since water is also an excellent store of information, information from harmful substances is also stored here. However, this area is not easily accessible to laboratory procedures but these stresses can usually be tested very quickly and painlessly at the biophysical level. A BICOM® device is a valuable tool in this respect. In many cases, it is possible to discover which stresses may cause health problems in the human body, especially in sensitive patients (e.g. bacteria, viruses, electronic smog, dental materials, allergens, toxin or stress load.).

The stresses identified are treated with the appropriate frequency patterns using the BICOM device

The body’s physiological processes are not only regulated on a biochemical level by chemical means but also by electromagnetic energy. Bioresonance therapy functions closely with channels of vital energy flow (meridians), the same ones used in acupuncture. When energy flows freely through these channels, the body is kept in homeostasis and normal functions can continue. A disturbed, harmful wave flow (caused by allergens, toxins, and more) results in disturbed homeostasis. The BICOM device allows for the elimination of unhealthy waves by the inversion of disharmonious patterns. This counteracts bad frequencies.

Blockages and interferences in the client’s body are registered, as are organ disorders and unhealthy stress levels. By detecting these specific frequencies, interferences and blockages, the patient is prepared for the bioresonance treatment. The use of the bioresonance machine involves placing electrodes on the patient’s body. By doing this, the energy information of tissues and organs is stimulated via a large electromagnetic mat often down a patient’s spine. Diagnosis and treatment using this ‘energy medicine’ are relatively fast, enabling the organism to return to a balanced state so that optimal functioning can be restored and medical conditions can be resolved.

patient having therapy on bicom show how inversion works

The body’s own regulatory system can be supported and aided to a considerable extent by BICOM bioresonance therapy

healthy cell communication restored

Communication between the cells can take place once again unimpeded. Harmful substances can be released and excreted.

*Just like homeopathy, acupuncture and other complementary therapies and alternative medicine, BICOM® bioresonance is a form of regulatory medicine, it cannot be used to diagnose disease. Within complementary medicine, BICOM® bioresonance therapy is recognised as an effective, tried and tested method. Within conventional medicine, however, BICOM® bioresonance has not been subject to scientific research and is, therefore, not yet approved by many physicians in private practice.