BICOM-Therapy® as Support for Somatic Symptom Disorders

Topics such as stress, exhaustion and burn-out are an integral part of everyday practice. The consequences of all this stress is often vegetative dystonia, which in turn can lead to somatic symptom disorders.

Somatic symptom disorders are physical complaints that cannot be traced back to an organic disease or cannot be traced back at all. It is characterized by an intensive fixation on certain physical (somatic) symptoms which can cause patients considerable suffering and impair their everyday life. In addition to general symptoms, a wide range of other symptoms can occur, from pain to cardiovascular complaints to gastrointestinal disorders.

For therapists working with the BICOM® BodyCheck, these problems are seen relatively frequently, when stress in the vegetative nervous system blocks the regulatory capacity. In such cases, the BBC can help to identify the stress-related burdens causing the blockage and can help to illustrate it for the patient.

For treatment of the symptoms and problems described above, the following therapy programs/program sequences have proven successful:

  • 10170 Vegetative disorder
  • 10169 Vegetative Dystonia

In the newest BICOM optima® there are also additional programs available:

  • 3465.0 Neurological and neuro-vegetative complaints
  • 3463.0 / 3464.0 Psychosomatic disorders 1 & 2

3465.0 (H + Di, DF 6.5 Hz, Constant amplification H 0.1 + Di 1.00, No wobble, Treatment time, 5 min)

3463.0 (H, TF 3 Hz, Constant amplification H 7.00, No wobble, Treatment time, 6 min)

3464.0 (H, TF 10 Hz, Constant amplification H 0.10, No wobble, Treatment time, 10 min)

The use of channel 2 for supporting the therapy in the main channel can also achieve effective improvement. For somatic symptoms disorders, we recommend the substance complexes “Burn- out”, “Stress”, “Heart/Circulation”, “Depression”, “Deep relaxation/Vegetative dysregulation.”

In this case, CTT ampules are also well suited for channel 2. In addition to the ampules from the test kit “5 Elements”, the following ampules can also be very helpful:

  • Psychosomatic / Neurology (Stabilize psyche, Shock/vegetative malfunction, Stress, Pituitary gland, Hypothalamus)
  • Degenerated Cells II (Adrenal gland, Stress reduction, Shock/trauma, Vegetative dysfunction)
  • Allergic Strains (Stress, Histamine)

We also have had particularly good experience with the ampules of the test kit “Endocannabinoid System” in channel 2. The Sativa ampules and CBD ampules have proved to be very effective for stabilising the psyche and in cases of depressive moods. Here there are many possible combinations, which should ideally be tested with an A program (171) or directly via channel 2.

Children with behavioural problems such as ADHD or delayed development can also be tested with the “Endocannabinoid” test kit. Here however testing should be carried out with an Ai program (170), especially if the parents have a corresponding history of cannabinoids.