Tracking down the hidden causes of illness…

I have been working with bioresonance therapy for the last four years and I am always surprised by how much can be achieved. My three BICOM® devices have certainly been well utilised. I carry out testing with a biophysical test procedure and I am sometimes amazed by the test results, as they don’t appear to match up with the condition. Often patients are amazed about the various correlations too. The following treatment, which does actually work, proves me right in such cases.

This was true of the following case, for example. A father brought his 7-year-old son Nils, who has Down’s Syndrome, to my practice because he was suffering from persistent bronchitis. The father felt helpless because the paediatrician had already prescribed three courses of antibiotics. He showed no signs of improvement after taking the tablets, however.

I tested using the programs which matched his symptoms for bronchitis, chesty cough, cold and programs to support his lungs, but all these programs tested negative.

When I tested using the 5 element human test set with the aid of the BICOM® device, the ‘heart’ ampoule was indicated in the fire element. I tested this a further two times with the same result. I told the father my findings.

He was really surprised and also impressed. He told me that a few years previously a lung specialist had diagnosed heart problems, but that no treatment was administered at that time.

In two treatment sessions I treated Nils with the pre-stored programs to strengthen the heart, namely ‘support for cardiac activity’ and ‘heart-meridian flooding.’ Unfortunately we only had time to carry out two therapy sessions, because Nils lives in Holland with his parents and was only visiting our area.

One week after the second BICOM® treatment his father phoned and told me: “Nils is now starting to get much bolder. I barely recognise him now.” Later I learned that he was progressing really well. There had been no recurrence of his bronchitis. His mother also explained that his health was now much more stable.

I am sometimes surprised about just what I can achieve with this therapy method. Test results enable us to progress with the correct therapy plan and provide us with options that were previously unavailable to us. Some patients even call me Miss Marple, because I am always discovering new correlations and can track down the hidden causes of illness.