Bio-Resonance Therapy for Weight Loss

There are many reasons why patients can struggle to reduce their weight and to be able to keep the weight off. Please read the following.

What is a healthy weight?

What is considered to be a normal weight varies from person to person depending on factors such as age, height and sex. A body mass index (BMI) calculator can help to give a reasonable guide as to what a person’s optimum weight would be. It also suggests whether a person should eat more calories or reduce their calorie intake.

Although, these calculations do not take into consideration the fact that some individuals have more muscle mass than others. Since muscle is denser than body fat, this can make a person weigh more, even if their body size seems to be healthy. Conversely, people with little muscle mass may appear to be of a healthy weight even though they are carrying more fat than they should ideally be. Therefore, these factors need to be considered before making drastic changes to the diet.

Why may some need to lose weight?

Having excessive weight can be damaging to an individuals’s health as it may put them at increased risk of developing illnesses such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Some scientific evidence also indicates that those belonging to certain ethnic groups may be more likely to develop weight related health conditions, making it especially important to maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain can also exacerbate existing health conditions; for example, for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, excess weight puts an added strain on the joints.

What are the reasons for undesired weight gain?

It is well known that eating a lot of sugary foods and food high in fat and calories may cause a person to become overweight or even lead to obesity. This can especially be true when combined with little or no regular exercise. However, for those with certain underlying health problems, they may struggle with weight management even when they eat food containing fewer calories. In other cases, mobility issues may limit a person’s physical activity, making losing weight much more difficult.

The BICOM® device has a Program that can be used for weight loss which is discussed below. That said, it is important to note that weight gain can be caused by a number of factors. For example, many of the health conditions listed on the homepage of this website can contribute greatly to problems with a person’s weight. Disorders that can have a significant role include allergies, food intolerances, depression, digestive disorders and, in particular, parasites.

Weight gain as a side effect

When it comes to depression, some individuals may struggle with the motivation to maintain a balanced diet and get adequate exercise. For others, the medication that is prescribed to help treat their depressive symptoms may itself cause them to put on weight. This undesired weight gain may then contribute to feelings of low self worth, leading to an unpleasant cycle. Other types of medication have also been found to have a similar effect on some people.

Gaining and sustaining a healthy weight

Those who are desperate to lose weight often turn to quick fix methods such as making a temporary switch to a diet containing foods such as fruit juice, whole grains, energy dense foods and dietary supplements. However, they may quickly go back to consuming more calories after a short time. For the best patient care, wellness professionals often encourage more lasting dietary adjustments that ensure a patient is getting all the essential nutrients, without taking in more calories than needed.

Using bioresonance therapy to help lose weight

Bioresonance is a regulatory therapy that utilises electromagnetic waves to help restore balance in the body’s cells. This is achieved by boosting healthy frequencies, while trying to cancel out unhealthy frequencies in the body, similar to the way that noise cancelling headphones counteract ambient sound.

In bioresonance weight loss therapy, the ear acupuncture points are stimulated with special applicators. The BICOM® bioresonance therapy programs used to promote weight loss include those for metabolism, hormone system, detoxification and autonomic nervous system. Regumed has also brought out a non medical device which has some very good weight control programs that anyone can use and follow, their website is

Rather than providing a temporary solution, this type of therapy aims to produce lasting benefits in a patient. The best results are often attained when bioresonance treatment is used alongside certain lifestyle changes. Combined with an appropriately modified diet, good weight loss can be achieved while improving metabolism at the same time. This means that a healthy weight can be sustained for longer, especially when suitable dietary changes are sustained.