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Tracking down the hidden causes of illness… I have been working with bioresonance therapy for the last four years and I am always surprised by how much can be achieved. My three BICOM® devices have certainly been well utilised. I carry out testing with a biophysical test procedure and I am sometimes amazed by the […]

Children with chesty night-time coughs

Child coughing at night

Are cuddly toys the culprit? We have been working with BICOM® therapy for just one year. In the case of allergy treatment in particular this method has superseded conventional methods in our practice. Patients are generally very satisfied with this therapy and through word of mouth the number of people who come to our practice […]

Hannes is able to breathe deeply and freely again

Young child breathing better after bioresonance

Small child with asthma When little Hannes was seven months old he developed spastic bronchitis and was increasingly prone to asthma attacks. At this time he also suffered from a chronic blocked nose and occasionally itching eczema on his hand. He received conventional medical treatment and each day had to inhale a solution containing DNCG. […]

40-year-old woman suffered for 25 years from a runny nose and watering eyes

Lady with constant runny nose

Doctor’s assistant: I could fill an entire book with allergy therapy success stories We have been using BICOM® bioresonance in our practice for six years. I am a doctor’s assistant and after I completed the necessary training at Regumed my boss delegated BICOM® therapy to me. It has been running very smoothly and every day […]

Considerable health problems since the age of 2: sensitivity to chemicals

Chemicals sprayed on crops

The parents’ view on the BICOM® method: we didn’t know that the medicine was so far advanced! Our son had been experiencing considerable problems since the age of two: headaches, high temperature, earache, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, hyperactivity and so on. Conventional medical treatment merely consisted of prescribing antibiotics and stays in hospital. Later […]

“Surprisingly Accurate Scan & Effective Treatment!”

NLS Bicom BodyCheck scanner

“Surprisingly accurate scan and effective treatment. I came across Bioresonance about 15 years ago when sorting out my food intolerances and I have also seen a huge improvement in my wife’s health (both with different practitioners). So I had some previous experience but had not had a scan before going for my initial consultation at […]

Permanent cold and watering eyes for months

ENT specialist: BICOM® bioresonance method – a good way to offset lower revenues as a result of the health reform For more than three years I have been working in my ENT practice with the bioresonance method. Despite initial misgivings about whether this therapy really pays for itself, the successes I have had using this […]

Help with asthma

A mother reports: The Management team at Regumed received the following letter from the mother of a child suffering from asthma. Dear Frau Brügemann, Herr Brügemann, my name is Nancy Langhein-Mayr and my daughter was treated using the BICOM® device and it has brought about unimaginable improvements. I am absolutely fascinated about this method and […]

Fireman rescued from severe asthma

A good feeling, being able to help patients Bioresonance has been extraordinarily successful in the treatment of asthma too. Adults and children who have suffered from asthma for years are well again thanks to BICOM® therapy. And this was also the case for a 48-year-old fireman who had suffered from asthma for a number of […]