Hannes is able to breathe deeply and freely again

Young child breathing better after bioresonance

Small child with asthma

When little Hannes was seven months old he developed spastic bronchitis and was increasingly prone to asthma attacks. At this time he also suffered from a chronic blocked nose and occasionally itching eczema on his hand.

He received conventional medical treatment and each day had to inhale a solution containing DNCG. This didn’t bring any lasting improvement, however.

At the age of four Hannes came to our practice with his mother. Kinesiological testing revealed allergy to cows’ milk, white flour, house dust and severe infestation with mould.

The cow’s milk allergy was treated first of all with the BICOM® device. Two BICOM® treatments were necessary. The wheat allergy was then treated.

In addition, the BICOM® programs “toxin elimination” and “stimulating metabolism” were used. A perceptible improvement was seen after just three therapy sessions. Hannes was able to breathe deeply and freely once more and the eczema on his hand had disappeared. He no longer needed to inhale solutions every day. Four BICOM® treatments were carried out at weekly intervals, during which we treated the house dust allergy and mould stress.

A total of seven therapy sessions were needed over the course of two months. Today Hannes is completely free of symptoms – six years on.