Tick bites in Humans

Anyone can be affected by a tick bite. However, people who spend a lot of time outdoors in
summer or in tall grass, are particularly at risk. Tick bites are quite common but are also
something to not underestimate, as ticks can transmit diseases through their bites.

Step 1:
Basic therapy according to energetic state

Step 2:
Program 970.5 Toxin elimination

Step 3:
Program 999 and/or 998
– Input cup: Tick or Tick ampule (from the CTT test kit)
– Output cup: BICOM Trace Elements or BICOM Oil
– Chip device: Bicom Chip
– Input: vacant
– Output: Modulation mat on the back and ball applicators in both hands (red cable).
Channel 2: Sulfur D30, Ledum D200, Apis meli D6

Taking BICOM Trace Elements: 1 x daily 3-5 drops