BICOM therapy for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common, benign, and often painful chronic disease suffered by women, in
which the lining of the uterus takes place outside the uterine cavity (ectopic). Like the
normal endometrium, the ectopic endometrium also changes during the menstrual cycle.
Symptoms are dysmenorrhoea, abdominal and back pain. For treatment with the
bioresonance method, one can assume both a disturbance of the hormone balance and a
general and/or local toxic stress of the uterine mucosa or the endocrine system. In the case
of existing surgical interventions, there is also often scarring in these areas, as well as
possible exposure to allopathic medication.

The exact therapeutic approach cannot be generalised, and should always be adapted to the
individual patient. The following starting points are however useful when using the BICOM
method. All can be tested and then if necessary treated:

1. Stress of the mucous membranes due to toxins, medicines, own toxins, etc.

2. Tissue weakness or blockages due to surgical interventions/scars.

3. Stress of the hormone balance due to environmental toxins

4. Deficiency of vitamins/enzymes and trace elements

5. Strain of the immune system or insufficient detoxification by liver and kidneys

6. Metabolic disorders due to an allergic reaction

7. Vegetative dysfunction

The following programmes are recommended in the treatment of endometriosis and should
ideally be tested out individually:

– Hormonal regulation and hormonal disorders: 980.2/981.1/3420.0*/3050.0/10070
– Stimulate the release of hormones: 851.0
– Dyspituitarism: 916.1
– Mesenchyme therapy: 433.1
– Triple warmer (Hormone meridian): 270.1/271.1/3360.0*/3361.0*
– Iodine point (thyroid gland): 311.4
– Autonomic nervous system disorder: 960.4
– Menstruation problems: 10104 (3069.0/710.2)
– Problems in lower abdomen/inflammation: 3112.0/3037.0
– Toxin elimination: 970.5/3036.0

* only in newest BICOM Optima device (Models B32, B34 and BM34)
Please note that a maximum of 6 individual programmes should be used in a therapy session
in addition to the basic therapy.

The following substance complexes are available for the use of the 2nd channel:

– Substance complex “Endometriosis” from the category “Gynaecology”.
For endometriosis therapy, a BICOM chip can also be placed under the navel. Placement is
suitable here both holistically and locally in relation to the complaint.

We wish you much success in implementing our tips!