40-year-old woman suffered for 25 years from a runny nose and watering eyes

Lady with constant runny nose

Doctor’s assistant: I could fill an entire book with allergy therapy success stories

We have been using BICOM® bioresonance in our practice for six years. I am a doctor’s assistant and after I completed the necessary training at Regumed my boss delegated BICOM® therapy to me. It has been running very smoothly and every day we achieve great therapy results. This is especially the case for the area of allergy therapy, which has a particular relevance in our practice.

Every year we experience an influx of new patients during the pollen season, who have come to our practice on someone’s recommendation. News of success stories quickly spreads.

One example is the case of a 40-year-old women, who had been suffering for 25 years from a runny nose and watering eyes. This wasn’t just seasonal – it lasted all year round. Dermatologists, allergologists and even her GP had not really been able to help her over the years and only wrote new prescriptions to suppress the symptoms. None of them were able to pinpoint the underlying cause of her symptoms.

It was recommended that she come to our practice. Her face was completely swollen and she complained of headaches. The pollen from summer flowers was having a negative impact on her general state of health and irritating the connective tissue membrane in her eyes and nasal mucous membrane. This also affected her mood.

First of all I carried out an acute allergy treatment with the BICOM® device, after which she felt a bit better. After this she had a further ten treatments at weekly intervals. I also used allergy programs stored in the BICOM® device.

In addition I carried out an intestinal clean-up as well as an amalgam elimination with the bioresonance method. Since I have been working with the BICOM® method I have discovered that in many allergy patients an amalgam stress is also present.

Some time ago this patient called by again to thank us. She now feels like a new person and has become much more active again!