Considerable health problems since the age of 2: sensitivity to chemicals

Chemicals sprayed on crops

The parents’ view on the BICOM® method: we didn’t know that the medicine was so far advanced!

Our son had been experiencing considerable problems since the age of two: headaches, high temperature, earache, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, hyperactivity and so on. Conventional medical treatment merely consisted of prescribing antibiotics and stays in hospital. Later it turned out that he had a sensitivity to chemicals caused by materials and furniture containing formaldehyde. Following advice from an environmental specialist in Traunstein we managed to get the disease largely under control by making numerous costly modifications to the house. But if our son was with friends or elsewhere and came into contact with the materials he had an intolerance to, his symptoms reappeared and he wasn’t well at all.

Through a friend of ours we learned about bioresonance therapy and were given the address of a therapist by Regumed. Because of the bad experiences we had suffered over the years I was very sceptical to begin with. I doubted whether there was really any point in going.

But since our son’s health was so unsatisfactory we visited the naturopath in May 2003 for the first time. After a comprehensive medical history was taken we got to know more about the BICOM® device as an excellent diagnostic and therapeutic device. We weren’t aware that this medicine was so far advanced. The tiresome skin and blood tests normally carried out for diagnostic purposes would offer no real solution in our case, so we decided against these. By pinpointing his food intolerances a change in diet was the first step, which was a real headache to begin with, but which is now part of our routine. The medication testing, which can be done using the device, was a good aid during therapy.

Although the individual stages were explained to us, I am not able to recount everything precisely. The device was used, for example, to resolve spinal blockages. A basic therapy then followed and the process of detoxifying the body was begun, which we will continue in the coming year (please excuse my oversimplified explanation of the process). In conclusion I would like to confirm that our son is now doing really well.

We have not regretted taking this step. On the contrary, we are very grateful for the help we have received. I believe that many patients can be helped in this way and I will continue to recommend this form of therapy.

People are often only interested in costs. We are by no means financially secure, but the experiences of the last few years have shown us that health is the most valuable thing we possess.