Help with asthma

A mother reports:

The Management team at Regumed received the following letter from the mother of a child suffering from asthma.

Dear Frau Brügemann, Herr Brügemann, my name is Nancy Langhein-Mayr and my daughter was treated using the BICOM® device and it has brought about unimaginable improvements. I am absolutely fascinated about this method and the device.

My 5-year-old daughter loves animals more than anything. Because of severe allergies to dog and horse hair, house dust and other materials Sandy suffered from a full range of symptoms, such as reddened eyes, colds and even asthma attacks.

And of course it’s doubly hard for children to have to keep away from animals. The symptoms became worse and worse and Sandy was taken to a children’s hospital suffering from severe asthma. The results were a real shock to me. Our daughter had to inhale cortisone for 3 – 4 months. There were no long-term improvements – there seemed to be no chance of curing it and she needed to inhale the cortisone every time she came into contact with an animal.

While we were searching for a suitable treatment she was treated by a therapist with bioresonance, although using a different device, and this did not bring about any improvement.

We then switched to a doctor who had a BICOM® device and after a short time almost all of her allergies had totally disappeared. After 11 sessions my daughter Sandy is doing so well that I’m convinced that she will soon be completed cured.

Sandy can now look after my mother-in-law’s dog and play with him. Last week she even went riding! She hasn’t had any kind of allergic reactions. I’m just so happy with the improvement.

sandyIn my opinion any doctor who really wants to help his patients almost has an obligation to buy a device. And I think that it is cost-effective too, because individual treatments do not take long and the device can be used for multiple patients.

I am so impressed and wish with all my heart that many more patients can be helped in the same way. I think that this method should become more widespread and that more doctors should use a device like this. I am even considering whether to quit my current job in order to help this method generate the success it deserves. Thank you once again and please let me know if I can help in any way to raise awareness of this therapy.