Fireman rescued from severe asthma

A good feeling, being able to help patients

Bioresonance has been extraordinarily successful in the treatment of asthma too. Adults and children who have suffered from asthma for years are well again thanks to BICOM® therapy.

And this was also the case for a 48-year-old fireman who had suffered from asthma for a number of years. The illness had started back in childhood with hayfever and shortness of breath, which gradually developed into acute asthma.

He had exhausted all that conventional medicine had to offer. The patient had been to specialist after specialist over the years. As well as a GP he had consulted a lung specialist, cardiologists and allergologists.

A prick test carried out by an allergologist revealed allergens such as house dust mites, moulds, animal epithelia etc. This was systematically treated with Aeromax inhalation treatments as well as cortisone tablets and sprays. But none of this brought lasting improvement and merely suppressed the symptoms.

He was no longer able to cope with his gruelling 24-hour shifts as a fireman. And he was suffering from frequent bouts of shortness of breath. In September 1996 he had a life-threatening asthma attack and had to undergo emergency treatment.

In March 1997 he came to my practice. After a detailed discussion about his medical history I carried out a kinesiology test using the BICOM® device. The test confirmed a house dust mite allergy – the same result confirmed by the allergologist. However, other allergens tested positive too.

Seven BICOM® treatments were undertaken at weekly intervals, which focused mainly on treating the house dust allergy.

In addition I applied BICOM® programs to stabilise the intestinal flora, build up the immune system and eliminate toxins. All these programs are pre-installed in the BICOM® device and can be retrieved for testing and therapy.

There was an almost 90% improvement after the first seven treatments.

He no longer needed his cortisone spray. From July a further four treatments were administered at monthly intervals. In October 1997 he came for his final asthma treatment. He was doing extremely well. That was almost eight years ago and he hasn’t had any asthma symptoms since.

When he came to my practice about a different ailment a while ago he explained enthusiastically that he had built a wooden house. All the dust and dirt created while he was building hadn’t harmed him or his lungs at all. Even stress and strains at work – he is still exposed to high levels of stress – no longer bother him.

He is just one of hundreds of patients who I have successfully treated with the BICOM®. It’s a good feeling, being able to help patients in this way.