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Dust mite allergy

Dust mite allergy

Dust allergy is an allergic reaction to dust mites which are commonly found in house dust. These minuscule dust mites are bugs belonging to the arachnid family and are similar in appearance to ticks, though they are too small to see with the eye alone. They thrive in warm and humid conditions and may be […]

Bioresonance Therapy And Food Allergies

Man with allergies

  Food allergies can be unpleasant and, in some cases, even be life-threatening. The Food Allergy Research And Resource Program reports that up to 4% of the United States population suffers from at least one food allergy. There are different types of food allergies, and each person’s body responds in a unique way to substances […]

Stanford University researchers are identifying acoustics that creates new Heart tissue!

Stanford University researchers are identifying acoustics that creates new Heart tissue! Edgar Cayce’s statement said that ‘sound would be the medicine of the future’. A reawakening to the power of sound and that we now have the tools to take it further. This image below shows the ‘cymatics’, or geometric patterns created in heart cells […]

Effect of BICOM® Optima on Inflammation Regulation

Effects of the BICOM® Optima Mobile Bioresonance Device on Cell Metabolism and Oxidative Burst of Inflammation-Mediating Cells   Peter C Dartsch Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institut für zellbiologische Testsysteme, Germany ABSTRACT Background: Neutrophils are the most common type of granulocyte, a type of white blood cell, found in most mammals. They play an essential part of the innate immune system […]

BICOM Optima® Mobile: Effect on Connective Tissue Fibroblasts

Investigations on the Beneficial Effects of BICOM Optima® Mobile Bioresonance Device on Cultured Connective Tissue Fibroblasts Dartsch PC* Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institut für zellbiologische Testsysteme, Auf der Voßhardt 25, D-49419 Wagenfeld, Germany Abstract Background The holistic bioresonance method uses the electromagnetic waves it receives from the patient and alters the energy field of the organism. Thus, it […]

The Effect of Worms on the Sensory Organs

What are worms?  There are many different species of parasites called worms that can infect humans and live and reproduce inside them. These include various types of roundworms and flat worms.    How are they transmitted?  Parasitic worm infections can be picked up through contact with soil that contains contaminated faeces. This means that those […]

Chlamydia – an STI involved in psychiatric conditions?

What is chlamydia?  Chlamydia is a genus of intracellular bacteria that includes 3 species that are known to be pathogenic to humans, these are:  Chlamydia trachomatis  Chlamydia psittaci  Chlamydia pneumoniae    How is this infection transmitted?  Chlamydia psittaci is caught from infected wild or domesticated birds and enters the body through the respiratory tract. Chlamydia […]

Lyme Disease – Can it Cause Mental Illness?

borrelia and lyme disease diagnosis

What is borrelia?  Borrelia is a genus of bacteria that includes species that are known to cause lyme disease in humans, these include:  Borrelia burgdorferi – found in Europe and North America  Borrelia afzelii – found in Asia and Europe  Borrelia garinii – found in Asia and Europe  Borrelia mayonii – found in North America  […]