“I no longer have an allergic reaction to cats”

Sam now loves to play with his cat: allergy free

boy-cat-allergyWhen we went on holiday last summer to a farm in the Czech Republic my children discovered a tiny, half-starved kitten in a stable. It had obviously been neglected by its mother. It was in a pitiful state. We fed it up until it was better again and by the end of the holiday we had grown so attached to it, particularly my elder son Marius, that we decided to take it home. Smilla, as we named the kitten, grew into a fine cat and became a much-loved member of the family. We were all delighted when she had three enchanting kittens in August. The whole family lay on the floor in order to share in her joy of motherhood at close hand. We were all agreed that we wanted to keep one of them – little Lucy.

Soon afterwards we took our main holiday to
Italy for two weeks, without the cats of course.
Imagine my shock when I subsequently discovered that it wasn‘t just the kittens that
had developed so splendidly in our absence – I had unfortunately also developed an
allergy to their long hair.

I couldn’t stop sneezing and my eyes itched dreadfully.
Not only was this extremely unpleasant but also posed a serious risk to my work as a
professional speaker in the area of media production, as I obviously can’t speak into a
microphone with damaged vocal cords. Something had to be done straightaway.

My first port of call was our homeopath, who despite prescribing me medication
(Tuberculinum Bovinum LM 18) was also clear that I had to get rid of the kittens:
“Remember, this is for the good of your health.”

I wasn’t happy with this solution at all, particularly as my children were dumbstruck
when they learnt that they would have to part with little Lucy. There was strong
opposition to this and it was clear that we needed to find another solution.

The next call I made was to a bioresonance therapist, who provided me with some
comfort. At the first treatment session I had to bring saliva and hair from all the cats
with me, because she needed the information from these substances for the
bioresonance therapy.

My oldest son, who was most adamant that we didn’t give away the cats, was quick to
help me in preparing for the appointment. He carefully dabbed with cotton wool buds
in the tiny mouths of the cats in order to collect saliva and snipped small tufts of hair
from the cats’ fur with nail scissors. Everything was then carefully packed together for
me to take to the BICOM® treatment. It seemed a bit odd what the therapist was doing,
but the treatment itself was very relaxing and didn’t involve any jabs or such like.

After the first session I came home, put my nose into the mop of fur and – nothing
happened! I didn’t get a tickly nose and my eyes didn’t start to itch. It was simply
amazing! Needless to say that to the great joy of my children I had the all-clear and
our kitten Lucy could stay with us.

I went to two post-treatment sessions and I no longer have an allergic reaction to cats.
Our children are very happy about it. I am delighted with the bioresonance therapy
and have recommended it to friends! It’s just a shame there aren’t more doctors
around offering this form of therapy.