Female patient: my first allergy-free summer

In 1996 I suffered from hayfever for the first time. My eyes were very itchy, watered
and were almost swollen shut. My nose kept running or was blocked and I suffered
shortness of breath. I had patches of psoriasis on my face and my whole body itched. I
also had a cat hair allergy.

I made appointments with a dermatologist and allergologists. I was prescribed a
cortisone ointment for my eyes and cortisone spray for my bronchial tubes. The
swelling around my eyes eased slightly when I used the cortisone, but they continued
to be red and still itched. My nose ran less, but still ran. The cortisone spray provided
some relief to my bronchial tubes, but I felt nauseous for around an hour after I used

Since I found this treatment to be unsatisfactory, I went to a naturopath, where I
received calcium therapy using my own blood. I’m afraid of needles and I found it
very stressful when they took blood from me, because I have poor veins. My symptoms
improved, but without any drastic success. I also received other naturopathic
treatments, including acupuncture, neural therapy and foot reflex zone massage. That
also brought little relief. My allergy symptoms lasted from March to October every year
and so for me the best time of year was always a period of discomfort.

In early 2001 a friend who used to suffer from allergies told me that a therapist had
really helped her with bioresonance therapy. I got the address and telephone number
from her and phoned straight away to make an appointment. Unfortunately there was
a waiting list at the practice and the next free appointment was in another two months,
as word of its success had got around and the practice was attended by patients from
all over Germany. Luckily my allergies hadn’t started up yet.

I first went for bioresonance therapy in mid-March. A biophysical test procedure
revealed that I had an allergy to birch, lilac, grasses, nuts, various metals, wheat and
cat hair. What I found incredible was that they were able to find out more than the
dermatologist had been able to with the prick test.

The allergies were treated with the BICOM® device. At the end of April the pollen allergy
treatment was complete and I was free of symptoms. I could scarcely believe it! Next to
the practice was a huge meadow. Once I received my final pollen treatment, I left the
practice, ran to the meadow and stooped down so that I my face was close to the
grass, taking in deep breaths

right across the meadow. And I didn’t have any allergic reaction! This was simply
phenomenal. I was so happy and enjoyed my first allergy-free summer since 1996.

I then had my remaining stresses treated. Overall I attended eleven bioresonance

I was also finally able to fulfil a lifelong wish once the treatment was complete: a dog
of my own. Because I could now take it for walks all year round without any problems.