Patients suffering multiple allergies and unable to work

Female patient: “I never would have thought life could be so good.”

At the start of March last year a 36-year-old female patient came to my practice after hearing a presentation on bioresonance therapy that I had given in the local adult education centre. She was suffering from multiple allergies and was taking high doses of antihistamines. Unfortunately these were no longer having any effect. She suffered from itchy, swollen eyes, hayfever with fits of sneezing and even asthma attacks. After eating apples and nuts she could not get her breath and she developed a skin rash if she ate carrots. She had attended an outpatients clinic, but this didn’t help.

Her hayfever and asthma symptoms started when early flowering plants came into bloom and lasted for the whole summer. As soon as the pollen disappeared, she always caught a cold as her immune system was so weak. She has since become unable to work. Although she had to pay for her own bioresonance therapy, she resolved to undergo this treatment because she could see no other alternative.

Testing with BICOM® revealed pollen allergies to all early flowering plants, various trees and grasses. She was also allergic to moulds and cross-allergies to nuts and apples. There was an underlying mercury stress, a pronounced Candida mycosis and a cow’s milk allergy present. The Candida stress was treated with a change of diet and Nystatin. The priority was allergy-relieving therapy with the BICOM® for the acute pollen stress as well as treatment for the mould allergy. The milk allergy was then systematically treated with the corresponding allergy programs in combination with a metabolic program, as well as apple, nut and carrot intolerance. This was followed by mercury elimination, supported again with the program for increasing powers of resistance. The patient was treated by me for a period of four months. At the end of June the treatment was complete.

The patient was free of symptoms, felt well , could work again, eat anything she liked and no longer needed medication. The success of the treatment convinced her about bioresonance therapy and she is very grateful that this type of therapy was available to help her. She confirmed: “I never would have thought life could be so good.”