“Surprisingly Accurate Scan & Effective Treatment!”

NLS Bicom BodyCheck scanner

“Surprisingly accurate scan and effective treatment.

I came across Bioresonance about 15 years ago when sorting out my food intolerances and I have also seen a huge improvement in my wife’s health (both with different practitioners). So I had some previous experience but had not had a scan before going for my initial consultation at Reson8 in October 2018.

Chris only knew my name and contact details at the start so I was impressed when the scan revealed remnants of my known past conditions as well as my current issues. All from me sitting in a comfy chair, wearing headphones and watching a screen!

The treatment involved sitting in another comfy chair and having connector pads applied to different parts of my body as appropriate during the session.

Chris has a pleasant manner and the whole experience was calm and relaxing.

I had two follow up treatments at weekly intervals and then a third a month later. As far as I remember the focus had been on clearing pathogens and improving hormone balance through working on glands. I certainly gained more energy, an increased libido and felt generally better.

I had a further treatment in August 2019 to boost recovery from an infection and review the previous issues.

The online booking system is great but it would be nice to be able to see availability for more than one day at a time. As it is you have to click on each day separately to check.

My health has improved and I am happy to recommend Bioresonance and in particular Chris and Reson8 – and have done so to various folks in need of drug and surgery free therapy.”