Migraine Relief within two weeks!

Migraine from lyme disease

“I didn’t really know what to expect when I first came for Bioresonance therapy, but kept an open mind.

I suffer from lyme disease and co-infections, which had caused an array of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, migraines and much more. I had already begun lots of research myself, and initially began with conventional antibiotic treatment through the NHS. I then began homeopathic and herbal treatment which also used bioresonance (a different type to that used by Reson8). I heard about Reson8, and as it is closer to home for me, I decided to visit them.

I started treatment with Reson8 6 weeks ago, and have been migraine free for the last 4 weeks. This is amazing for me, as my migraines were affecting me several times a week and having an adverse effect on my life.

I have also seen an improvement in my energy levels, and I have been able to resume things which are quite physical (washing the car, trimming the hedge etc).

I would highly recommend for anyone who is suffering with any kind of mystery or annoying health gripe to visit Reson8. What they have done in such a short space of time for me is absolutely amazing.

They have also cured my son (10) of frequent headaches and migraines after just one visit!”Ω