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Navigate the complexities of Lyme disease with bioresonance expertise. Find hope on your healing journey!

Migraine Relief within two weeks!

Migraine from lyme disease

“I didn’t really know what to expect when I first came for Bioresonance therapy, but kept an open mind. I suffer from lyme disease and co-infections, which had caused an array of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, migraines and much more. I had already begun lots of research myself, and initially began with conventional antibiotic […]

Extraordinary Experience for a Lyme Disease Sufferer

Lyme bullseye

“My experience with Reson8 was an extraordinary one and I believe this played a pivotal role in my healing journey. I had already heard amazing reviews from friends and family about Reson8 and being a holistic practitioner working with sound healing and resonance knew that the system worked. I was fascinated also by David’s journey […]

Bioresonance – An Essential Lifeline?

Tick bite

“So HIGHLY recommended by a Lyme and Msids sufferer: Words cannot express my appreciation for what Chris and that magical machine has done for me. When I first went to ‘Bioresonance Therapy’ I was all but written off by the NHS. The diagnostic machine confirmed what my symptoms/rash/private blood test and my research was telling […]