Extraordinary Experience for a Lyme Disease Sufferer

Lyme bullseye

“My experience with Reson8 was an extraordinary one and I believe this played a pivotal role in my healing journey. I had already heard amazing reviews from friends and family about Reson8 and being a holistic practitioner working with sound healing and resonance knew that the system worked.

I was fascinated also by David’s journey to discovering this amazing form of healing the body. In July 2016 I had my first treatment with David and Chris, was diagnosed as having Lymes Disease and was given a resonance healing disc. I also was made aware of sensitivities to foods and products I had best avoid for optimum health . I enjoyed the treatment immensely.

Both David and Chris are extremely professional, gentle and empathetic in their approach and clearly highly knowledgeable. David advised that I made an appointment with my GP to have my bloods sent off for testing. My GP was surprised to be asked for the blood test and I have to say he was very open to my request of being tested though he said he’d never in all his years as a GP come across anyone with Lymes. I was called at home 3 weeks later as the results arrived positive with a particularly powerful indicator that I had a strong strain of Lymes which clearly affirmed David’s findings.

I believe the treatments I received helped me heal and if I hadn’t been diagnosed by David the symptoms would have progressed having a greater impact on my body as a whole. I do feel that I am healed now though I integrate a protocol of an alkaline way of eating and general holistic health. I didn’t know I was ill before I was tested, I just soldiered on as we often do! I know if it wasn’t for Reson8 the symptoms could have put a strain on all of my body and it could have escalated. Thank you so much, David and Chris, for the diagnostic treatment and the sound / disc therapy. I have told so many about what you do and will continue to do so!”

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