Relief from a Chronic Condition?

Chronic condition

“I was amazed by what Bioresonance testing was able to detect – without knowing anything about my medical history, Chris was able to list my health complaints going back ten years and also confirm the food intolerances I had suspected (I had recently cut out gluten and dairy and had immediately noticed a huge improvement in digestion). You can’t really argue with that level of accuracy!

The great thing about Bioresonance is that you don’t have to stop there – Chris also detected liver flukes which he thought may well be the cause of the food intolerances. I am now doing the parasite cleanse he recommended and will retest in a few weeks to see what impact the cleanse has. I had an inflamed wisdom tooth on the day of the testing (which had been there for weeks) and the treatment cleared it up pretty much immediately.

I know it sounds a bit wacky (and members of my family think I’m mad) but the main thing that convinces me that something like this might just work is that I do not believe that this sudden increase in chronic disease has come from nowhere and I refuse to believe that so many chronic conditions are incapable of being treated. Even if people can’t bring themselves to believe/understand the science behind bioresonance, I would really recommend giving it a try because, at the end of the day, if it gets results and your symptoms improve, does it really matter?”

– Helen