Childless for so long – then finally a baby!

New baby following bioresonance

Gynaecology: Alternative infertility treatment

Unwanted childlessness is a problem for more and more couples. Generally advice and treatment in cases of unwanted childlessness is limited to human germ cells and biological correlations. What remains is often an extreme psychological stress, which normally affects women.

They suffer terribly because of this situation, are ashamed and have often exhausted all other possibilities. Years of experience have taught me that in many cases treatment with BICOM® therapy can help patients become pregnant. For example, mycoses, geopathy or radiation stress, scar interference fields, toxic stresses or years of taking the contraceptive pill can prevent a woman becoming pregnant. But an intolerance to their partner’s sperm may also prevent this from happening.

new-babyMy last baby success was not that long ago. A 34-year-old woman had already undergone numerous check-ups using conventional medicine and organically speaking everything was fine with her and her husband. The couple had decided to give BICOM® therapy a try as one last throw of the dice. After taking a detailed medical history test results revealed: mycosis stress (1 million germs!), vaccination stress (rubella and tetanus), cow’s milk, and wheat allergy, stresses caused by amalgam, wood preserver and formaldehyde. We began treatment straightaway. Her joy and amazement knew no bounds when the patient discovered that after a total of eight BICOM® treatments she had become pregnant. Ten months later their new addition was born by C-section.

After my first info evening on this topic in my practice it was clear what a taboo subject I was dealing with. The problem seems to be so widespread and the BICOM® therapy options are so effective. The birth of a little BICOM® baby makes me so happy every time. I am really proud that I have been able to do my part in bringing a new life into the world.