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Childless for so long – then finally a baby!

New baby following bioresonance

Gynaecology: Alternative infertility treatment Unwanted childlessness is a problem for more and more couples. Generally advice and treatment in cases of unwanted childlessness is limited to human germ cells and biological correlations. What remains is often an extreme psychological stress, which normally affects women. They suffer terribly because of this situation, are ashamed and have […]

From mycosis treatment to endometriosis therapy

endometriosis diagram

Finally after 13 years: Most of us gynaecologists are biased towards the use of conventional medicine. If there are anomalies in the menstrual cycle or dysmenorrhoea develops we generally prescribe hormones straightaway, even though many hormonal imbalances can occur as a result of heavy metal stresses and so on. This is why I have always […]

For years recurring inflammations in the vagina and in the true pelvis

Gardnerella vaginalis inflammation

Resistant pathogen successfully treated and as a result renewed pleasure in ‘conjugal duties…’ In my gynaecological practice I use BICOM® therapy for treating various disorders. Particularly for stubborn disorders, where it was previously not possible using conventional medicine to help my patients overcome their symptoms, BICOM® therapy has proved to be a very valuable treatment […]

From PAP IVa to PAP II Decision to choose alternative medicine

acute dysplasia of the portio mucous membrane

Gynaecology: Alternative treatment In January 2002 I went for a check-up with my gynaecologist. The usual smear tests were carried out and this revealed a PAP III value. The lab report made the following remarks: metaplasia, signs of a viral infection and moderate epithelial dysplasia bordering on acute dysplasia, but with no carcinoma in situ. […]

Happy patient: from PAP IIId to PAP II

condyloma virus

Gynaecology: During Ms. B.’s cancer check-up with her gynaecologist changes were discovered in her portio vaginalis. A tissue sample was taken and a PAP test confirmed that the changes were in the marginal IIId stage. This marks the transition to carcinoma. Trigger factors could be numerous condylomas (vaginal warts), which were considered a pre-cancerous viral […]

Breast inflammation, blocked milk ducts and suppurating nipples

Mother and blocked milk ducts

Undimmed joy of motherhood after alternative treatment Unfortunately motherhood is not always without its problems. I thought that breastfeeding would be the most natural thing in the world. But shortly after the birth of our little daughter Lena I found out otherwise. From the very start Lena was an enthusiastic and quick drinker and if […]