Happy patient: from PAP IIId to PAP II

condyloma virus


During Ms. B.’s cancer check-up with her gynaecologist changes were discovered in her portio vaginalis.

A tissue sample was taken and a PAP test confirmed that the changes were in the marginal IIId stage.

This marks the transition to carcinoma. Trigger factors could be numerous condylomas (vaginal warts), which were considered a pre-cancerous viral disorder, according to the gynaecologist. Elimination of these condylomas did not bring about any improvement and they returned after a while.

With this history Ms. B. came to my practice in quite a depressed state. I tested using a virus nosode ampoule and the condyloma virus was detected as stressing the body acutely.

On the same day we started with the bioresonance therapy. As is the case for every patient, I always start BICOM® treatment with an individual basic therapy in order to prepare the body for the subsequent therapy programs. Before eliminating the virus I strengthened the immune system with programs already stored in the device. I then began eliminating the condyloma virus, also using the BICOM® device.

For a period of twelve weeks Ms. B came at weekly intervals to my practice and time and again we eliminated the virus and strengthened the body’s own resistance using bioresonance therapy.

The virus stress become weaker and weaker, but was still marginally present up to the eleventh BICOM® treatment. After twelve treatments my patient went for a check-up with her gynaecologist. He was very surprised to see that there were no longer any condylomas present. There was even more amazement when the results of the latest PAP test came back:

in just three months her results had improved from stage IIId to stage II.

The patient was delighted with this result. This was two-and-a-half years ago and there has been no recurrence.