From mycosis treatment to endometriosis therapy

endometriosis diagram

Finally after 13 years:

Most of us gynaecologists are biased towards the use of conventional medicine. If there are anomalies in the menstrual cycle or dysmenorrhoea develops we generally prescribe hormones straightaway, even though many hormonal imbalances can occur as a result of heavy metal stresses and so on.

This is why I have always been interested in offering naturopathic treatments in my gynaecological practice too. In addition to homeopathy and acupuncture I have now been offering bioresonance therapy for the past six months – with great success. Because with bioresonance therapy I am approaching the disorder from a completely different standpoint and can look into the real causes. This is the most important aspect for me.

In the case of mycosis, which is one of the main problems in a gynaecological practice, BICOM® therapy has been proven to produce the best results. I am not able to help my patients so effectively for vaginal yeast infections, for example, using conventional medicine. I can prescribe a few Clotrimazol pessary treatments, but this is just a localised treatment, which only brings short-term improvement, because the fungal infection simply passes from the rectum into the vaginal area again.

Mycoses need to be treated systemically. The programs stored in the BICOM® value are invaluable for this. Often heavy metal and parasite stresses are linked to mycoses. I can also test these with the BICOM® and treat accordingly. The use of therapy programs is incredibly simple.

But is isn’t just mycoses and other stresses that can be treated with the BICOM® device, as the following case demonstrates.

A young pregnant patient came to my practice with confirmed endometriosis. From the first day of her pregnancy she experienced pain in the right hand side of her lower abdomen. She had attended the clinic four times because of this and neither my colleagues nor I could determine whether the pain was due to the endometriosis or because of a serious pregnancy-related problem. An acupuncture treatment brought some short-term relief, but the pain returned the following day.

With the endometriosis nosode from the BICOM® Multisoft program (software program for digitally stored substance information) I treated my patient, who was now in her 22nd week of pregnancy. After just one treatment she was pain-free and remained so until the birth of her little daughter. This was a surprising and very welcome outcome for me too.