Successfully treating pain

Pain therapy using biofeedback

At least 8 million patients experiencing pain in Germany*

When I started working with the bioresonance method 12 years ago, allergies were top of my list. After a short time I realised that there were many more indications that could be successfully treated using the BICOM®. And so I used this form of treatment for patients experiencing pain as well. I was surprised how quickly most patients improved.

There is a broad spectrum of symptoms which we can treat using pain therapy through the BICOM®. For example, pain in the entire musculoskeletal system, for tennis elbow, shoulder-arm syndrome, back pain, joint pain, sports’ injuries and also trigeminal neuralgia, Herpes Zoster, sciatica, earache etc.

An assessment of 98 patients experiencing pain that were treated at my practice revealed the following results:

Free from pain: 70%

Major improvement: 20%

Slight improvement: 5%

No change: 5%

My pain patients come twice a week for treatment at the practice. Most feel a considerable easing of their pain after the first therapy session. For many patients there is no improvement until three treatments have been carried out. In rare cases the pain gets worse following initial treatment. In the BICOM® device there are programs stored which specifically target pain, such as:

– Prog. pain therapy

– Prog. neuralgia

– Prog. remove energy blockages

– Prog. tissue processes, acute

The magnetic field therapy integrated in the BICOM® 2000 is especially helpful for pain therapy. With this magnetic field therapy, which is applied at the same time with the aforementioned bioresonance therapy programs, I am able to energetically build up or attenuate patients depending on their situation.

In practice it has been shown that patients with acute pain generally require an attenuating magnetic field therapy. Patients suffering chronic pain on the other hand often require a fortifying magnetic field therapy. This can be explained in that patients with continuous pain suffer from an extreme lack of energy, because overcoming the pain drains a lot of energy.

I can therefore say that this combination of bioresonance therapy, i.e. therapy using the body’s own frequency patterns and magnetic field therapy are an excellent tool for treating pain.

I am pleased that I am able to help so many people suffering pain without the damaging side-effects. But for me there is another, very important aspect:

The bioresonance method has helped my practice make the breakthrough in financial terms too!

My practice, which used to be small with a maximum of ten to twelve patients every day, has now expanded hugely. My practice now treats around 2 ½ times more patients.

I now have three BICOM® devices in permanent use and I am pleased that my daughter has decided to work with me at the practice, as I couldn’t cope with all the work on my own. And this has all come from word of mouth.

It goes to show that therapeutic success also brings financial success. Recommendations from satisfied patients are my best source of income.

The only advertising I have undertaken was giving occasional talks on BICOM® bioresonance. But I have now largely cut back on this, as experience has shown that after every presentation ten new patients would come to my practice. And we are currently working at full capacity and simply cannot take on any further patients at the moment.

* Source: Deutsche Schmerzliga e.V.