Brain paralysis treated

you boy with early cerebral palsy

Two children with cerebral palsy treated with Bioresonance, see the results..

Attending doctor: “The boy had really started to live …”

At the 2004 BICOM Congress in Fulda Egyptian doctor and bioresonance therapist Dr. Morkos reported on the treatment of two children, who had suffered from cerebral palsy since birth. It was a very thought-provoking presentation. Both children were treated with BICOM® bioresonance, combined with physiotherapy after all other treatment had been stopped some time earlier because it wasn’t working.

Progress with the treatment was documented on video. There were moving and poignant pictures, which participants at the Congress had the chance to see and which proved how much bioresonance therapy had improved the quality of life of these children. Here is the story of one of these children.

Dr. Morkos: “The first case concerned Mohamed, an eleven-year-old boy, who had suffered from cerebral palsy since birth. He was unable to communicate or show any emotion towards others. He was not able to move actively or correct his trunk balance. His arms and legs were badly deformed, particularly his elbow, hip and knee. He simply lay there, without moving, unresponsive, and completely isolated from his environment.

I treated him twice a week with bioresonance therapy and he also received physiotherapy.

After four months he was able to sit with his legs crossed at the knees and back supported. The deformities at the bends of his elbows had improved. Shortly afterwards he was able to sit by himself for a few minutes. The deformities in his knee bends were also considerably better after six months. He was able to control his head and sit on a chair with back support. And he responded to acoustic and visual stimuli!

“The boy had really started to live …”

After eight months he was able to sit on a ball and maintain his balance by supporting his thighs. He could turn his head and was able to maintain his balance while he moved the ball. He responded to songs and moved his head to find the source of the music.

His understanding improved. He now recognised his parents. He understands that his mother will go away to get dressed and he cries as a result. On the TV he recognises children who sing and if he wants to see them he expresses this by crying, so that his parents can sit him in front of the TV. And he shows with his broad smile how well he’s doing.

Previously he could do nothing other than lay there and watch time pass by. He has since vastly improved his motor skills and is able to interact with his environment and show feelings.

I strongly recommend bioresonance therapy for all physical therapies and rehabilitation measures used to treat cerebral palsy.

In the second case that Dr. Morkos presented it was also possible to achieve fascinating improvements with two-year-old Hala Fáhd from Saudi Arabia using bioresonance therapy.

During the video presentation the room was as still as it had ever been at the Congress and you could feel how deeply this report had affected and moved those present.