Neurology: Post-Herpes zoster neuralgia

Herpes zoster neuralgia

After BICOM® treatment pain-free walking holiday in Nepal

The 76-year-old patient was suffering increasing sciatic pain in her left leg. A typical Herpes zoster rash developed, with haemorrhagic, grouped blisters and inflamed reddening of the lumbar segments L4/L5 left. First of all she was treated with oral Aciclovir. Nine days later the rash began to dry out, but the pain remained. After a further twelve days the pain had spread throughout the whole left leg together with a sensation of heat, impaired general health and oedema in the instep. The patient was unable to wear proper ladies’ shoes anymore and entered the practice limping, supported on her husband’s arm. The rash was completely healed, however. The patient received basic therapy with the BICOM® device. One day later the pain was considerably better, but the subjective feeling of having a lame, heavy stump for a leg remained. She was also suffering from sensitivity problems in this leg. On the second day meridian treatment on the lymph meridian was carried out with BICOM® (corresponding therapy programs for every meridian are stored in the BICOM®). Immediately after this treatment the pain was reduced again and the feeling that her leg was a useless stump had disappeared. The patient left the practice with a real spring in her step. Days afterwards she reported that in the night she had suffered diarrhoea, headaches and shivering, which was a reaction to the elimination. Her leg felt normal again. The pain had completely disappeared and she could get her shoes on again. A short time later she went on a walking holiday in Nepal without suffering any symptoms.