High temperature and bacteria in the urine

A mystery to everyone

Julian was one week old when I visited him and on this same afternoon something didn’t seem to be quite right with him. At about 10pm I felt that I had to go back, as something was clearly wrong. I visited again and he was completely apathetic and wouldn’t breastfeed. He had a high temperature and hung from his mother like a doll. We immediately took him to the clinic. The doctor on duty examined the child and bacteria was detected in his urine.

Julian was given an antibiotic drip straightaway and through the night. His temperature went down only slightly and he was still very apathetic and wouldn’t drink much. After 24 hours his temperature fluctuated between 37.8/38.3. He was still being given antibiotics because it wasn’t clear why bacteria was present in his urine.

It was a complete mystery to everyone. Julian continued to receive antibiotics via a drip every day! This continued for 2 weeks and then the antibiotics were withdrawn, but the bacteria immediately reappeared in his urine. After almost another week of antibiotics I decided along with the paediatrician to take him home from the clinic.

No sooner said than done! I immediately began treatment. We didn’t have the correct diagnosis and also didn’t know the cause of the disorder. And so I did what I could. Firstly I carried out a basic therapy every day. This was followed by programs for the kidney, efferent urinary tracts, bladder, lymph system, defence, then we transferred the information from the urine into the BICOM® device and treated it as though the urine was an allergen. And we did this again and again every day. Eventually after four weeks we were able to reduce the antibiotics, when the child was seven or eight weeks old. This worked to some extent, so we continued treatment every day, Saturday and Sunday included.

When he was three months old we were able to completely stop the antibiotics and every day we checked his urine and there was nothing there. We continued the treatment until December, when little Julian was six months old and since then he hasn’t received any further treatment.

It was a major bacterial infection, but where it came from has never been discovered. But it has at least disappeared. And all this without injecting a contrast agent, pumping the bladder full of drugs and x-raying the kidneys. This alone would have been torture for the child, so we are pleased we managed to avoid it.

He is now 1½ years old and has not experienced any further kidney or bladder problems and there is no bacteria present. He is now stable.