Back Pain

Rapid pain treatment without injections?

A 32-year-old patient was complaining about extremely acute back pain. She explained that had been incapacitated for three days a few months earlier by lower back pain and since then she had experienced acute back pain in the lumbar region. She described the pain as sharp and radiating to her bottom and legs.

I tested the programs stored in the BICOM® using the bioenergetic test procedure, which from experience I have used to treat these symptoms in the past. But neither the ‘blockages in the lumbar vertebra region’ nor other typical back programs tested positive. Only the ‘scar elimination’ program gave a positive test result.

There had to be a scar, which had caused a stress and therefore resulted in the pain in the lumbar region.

The patient explained that her first child was born by caesarean section two years previously. I assumed that the c-section scar was the cause of the problems in the lumbar region. I therefore carried out a scar elimination with the BICOM® device.

After just two therapy sessions over a period of five days she was completely free of pain.

I am always amazed how even acute disorders in the musculoskeletal system can be quickly and successfully treated with bioresonance therapy.

A further example of this is a 39-year-old patient, who has been suffering for years from a known, but symptomless and painless herniated disc in the lumbar region. As a result of one false move this was now blocked and causing acute pain.

The orthopaedic specialist he contacted immediately injected him with a drug to combat the pain and said that this would also dissolve the blockage again. He also prescribed him painkillers for emergencies, which he should take as necessary. After an hour the pain returned. In desperation he went to a chiropractor the following day, but this treatment didn’t bring any real relief either.

A few days later he came to my practice. During testing the ‘remove blockages’, ‘worn invertebral discs’ and ‘neuralgia’ programs were used.

Just two hours after bioresonance treatment the pain had completely disappeared.

He could scarcely believe how uncomplicated and successful this treatment was. He now no longer needs the painkillers.