Relief from Jaw Pain (TMJ) in just one session?

jaw pain relief

“I hope this will help those who are unsure whether to try Bioresonance, those who need the details in order to feel safe to try something new. I was there once too. I have found Bioresonance to be the most non-invasive way of discovering what is happening inside the body. I am not aware of another therapy that can bring this level of internal insight which is highly valuable in any situation.

It can bring imbalances to light and correct them before physical symptoms present themselves so it is also beneficial for general maintenance. Not only do I feel a positive effect after the treatment, but I also feel empowered with the knowledge to know what part of my body needs some extra attention and support in my daily life. The whole experience is actually very pleasant.

The location is quiet and beautiful, the cabin is quite cosy and immaculately clean. Chris is welcoming and accepting in a very genuine way and he makes you feel at ease. I have always felt heard, seen and respected. I think anyone would enjoy these sessions because there is nothing at all to feel awkward about. All that you need to do really is relax in a comfortable chair. It is that simple! The initial consultation scans your entire body. I found this quite fascinating to be honest, but it really is better to let Chris interpret the information for you or you might misread the body’s natural cycles as problems. He has the knowledge and understanding to process the information accurately and he is always happy to explain things. The treatment can involve some simple tools, some pads to place on your body or maybe some things to hold in your hands for a while. It is very easy and totally peaceful. You remain totally clothed and your space is not invaded at all.

I felt an immediate release of tension with just one treatment when I was suffering with TMJ issues which I was struggling to deal with previously. I always feel like the session brings balance to my digestive system in some way which is difficult to explain, my body just feels like it has a tune up. My energy was low at one point and I instantly felt revitalised in a way that totally surprised me. One of the wonderful things about Bioresonance is that it deals with the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation which is something we are all exposed to in current times. I always feel healthier after a session, I feel more optimistic and enthusiastic about life. After the session you are given a little disc to stick to your abdomen to continue the benefits of treatment. This is nothing like wearing a plaster, the skin can breathe easily and I find you don’t really notice it at all in daily life. I have sensitive skin and it has never caused any irritation. I actually like to see it when I get undressed though, it is like a little reminder that I am doing something good for my health and I smile.

Both David and Chris have an authentic desire to help other people, you can really feel this from them. Whenever I have had questions they have been happy to answer them for me. I wholeheartedly recommend trying Bioresonance and seeing for yourself how it can help you. I can’t comment on any experience other than my own but I do feel that Bioresonance really helps the body to function better and that will always encourage healing, no matter what conditions you may be experiencing. I will always use Bioresonance as part of my health care now. I always experience a benefit and it really is a pleasure to have these sessions. I am looking forward to the next one! ”

– Sharon