Acute Pollen Allergy Therapy (Program Sequence 10317)

Pollen allergy concept. Young woman is going to sneeze. Flowering trees in background.

Step 1: Basic therapy according to conductance value test
Step 2: Program Nr. 970.5

  • Input: Eye or flexible applicator on the problem area
  • Output: Modulation mat on the back and two ball applicators
  • Input cup: Saliva, tears, nasal secretion

Change applicators

  • Programs: 946.0, 945.2, 947.0
  • Input cup: Fresh pollen, some rain water and the corresponding pollen ampule
  • Output cup: BICOM® minerals or BICOM® Chip in the chip device/slot.
    5-7 drops of minerals should be taken every 1-2 hours. Possibility to test which organ
    zone needs support from the chip
  • Output: Modulation mat on the back and ball applicators (alternatively connect the
    eye applicator with a red cable)

In acute cases, therapy is usually sufficient with the inclusion of pollen in the input cup.

If the therapy results are not satisfactory, then the therapy can be repeated every 2-3 days.
In such cases, it is good to check if other pollen is also present in the air. The pollen sample
should come from the immediate vicinity of the patient. Swabbing the windowsill is a good
way of obtaining a sample of pollen for inclusion in the input cup.

Tip: If the patient has symptoms even when it rains, this can be an indication of a mould
allergy. Preferably, this should be dealt with by running an Ai program. Here we would
recommend program sequence 10310 with a sample of the mould and any withered leaves,
garden soil etc. included in the input cup.