82-year-old patient experiencing pain

84 year old lady leg pain relief

Enjoying her gardening again

This original report from a patient was kindly made available to us by BICOM® therapist Marcel Riffel. This report was written in 2006 and we are reproducing it word for word (editor’s note).

“Dear Mr Riffel,

I feel I must thank you for your thorough and, more importantly, successful treatment of my legs. Since April, thanks to your treatment with bioresonance therapy, I have been completely free of pain and at the age of 82 I feel “light on my feet” again, can look after the house and do a bit of gardening, which brings me particular pleasure.

To summarise:

from November 2005 I suffered acute pain in both lower legs. Only by taking numerous painkillers during the night could I get a few hours’ sleep. My various attempts to improve my condition initially involved applying heat, then cold packs and also ointments, but nothing worked!

Finally I consulted a number of doctors, none of whom were able to help me. These included:

1. my GP, who examined me for periostitis. He couldn’t detect anything.

2. an orthopaedic surgeon. He took x-rays of my left and right lower legs and carried out an examination of my knee, with the result: my knee was in good shape for my age. X-rays of my spinal column were taken. However, the cause of my pain was still unknown.

3. a neurologist. The nerve fibres leading from the spinal column into my legs were measured using special devices. But nothing was found. I was prescribed strong medication to treat epilepsy, which I didn’t take.

4. a vascular specialist measured the circulation from my heart into both legs. But nothing could be found that was causing the pain.

After the aforementioned doctors were unable to help I turned to bioresonance therapy, a glimmer of hope that my daughter had discovered through friends. Until this point I had never heard of bioresonance.

I am, as you know, 82 years old and have, because of the acute pain, never let circumstances stop me coming from the Danube Valley via the Swabian Alps to you for treatment in Nellingen (bus to Ehingen station, train to Ulm, changing for Plochingen – from there by car to Nellingen). This invariably required me to stay overnight with my daughter and I often travelled the same way back – the winter was harsh and the journey across the Swabian Alps often brought black ice, which meant that travelling by train was the safest way to travel. Today I can say that it was worth all the expense, because now I feel 100% better. Very quickly I felt 60% better, then 80, 90 and finally 100%!!

When I came to you my legs felt really bad and the pain in my lower legs was so acute that even tentatively touching the tibia was unbearable.

After the very first treatment I was able to sleep right through for the first time after 10 weeks of broken sleep. The pain came back on the following nights, but the pain was less pronounced; eventually the pain was restricted to the day and even then was much less acute. After the following treatments with bioresonance therapy the pain gradually lessened.

You supported the treatment until the end of therapy with a few physiotherapy sessions.

I would also like to mention that without having to take medication, without injections I have been completely free of pain since April. I don’t feel any pressure, no pulling in my legs and even the furry spot on my right lower leg has completely disappeared. Today is the start of July and the pain hasn’t returned!

I wish you as much success in your further work as you achieved with me.

Best regards”