Extreme skin reddening on the face for 20 years

Stress caused by wood preserver

One day a patient came to me who had been suffering from a very red face for more than 20 years. His nose in particular was extremely red.

The test with the BICOM® device revealed an acute stress caused by the wood preserver Xyladecor. When I told him about the test results he recalled that as a 14-year-old boy he had to paint the garage door with Xyladecor. He had then spent a week in bed feeling very unwell with nausea, vomiting and circulatory problems.

No one made an immediate connection with Xyladecor poisoning at the time. But this experience was so severe that he immediately recalled it when he heard about the Xyladecor stress.

I twice eliminated the Xyladecor with the BICOM® device four days apart. His face resumed its normal skin colour within a few days. The reddening had completely disappeared. For me it was a new experience to see that an environmental toxin stress could cause such an intensive reddening of the skin.