Skin rashes: for 10 years suppurating pustules all over body

A good feeling: being able to help chronically ill patients!

For around four years we have been working with the BICOM® device in our practice, because we were looking to expand our options beyond conventional medicine. From the outset we used it, tried it out and achieved good treatment results in this first phase.

For almost ten years a 30-year-old woman had been suffering from a skin rash across her entire body, consisting of nothing but small, suppurating pustules. It started off quite harmlessly, but over the course of the years became worse and worse. In the meantime the rash looked so awful that it was having a serious impact on her relationship: her partner was repulsed by it and didn’t want to touch her anymore. None of the dermatologists that she visited were able to help her.

As a result she came to our practice. Using the BICOM® device we identified various stresses and treated the patient at one to two week intervals exclusively with bioresonance therapy. Her skin gradually improved and after around ten weeks she came to my practice and told me proudly: “Look at me!” She was overjoyed, because her skin was radiant again.

There was a happy ending too: her boyfriend proposed to her! She is now happily married. She has sent her entire family to us for bioresonance therapy to treat various ailments.

Interestingly, colleagues who are pure conventional medical practitioners, or their assistants, have come to us for treatment with the BICOM®.

This includes a friend of ours who is a general practitioner. He called one day and said: “I have had diarrhoea for four days and can’t get rid of it.” He took me up on my offer and came to our practice, explaining that he had been taking antibiotics, but that they were not having any impact.

The test revealed a viral stress. I treated him with a virus program stored in the BICOM®. On the following day he called, full of excitement and relief to tell me that the diarrhoea had disappeared. Since then he has sent me patients who he has been unable to help with conventional medicine, to undergo BICOM® treatment in our practice.

A paediatrician from a neighbouring town also regularly sends children for bioresonance treatment. Particularly the very little ones, who she doesn’t want to give antibiotics to, she sends to us. She has also referred some patients suffering from glandular fever. Incidentally, this disorder can be treated very effectively with bioresonance. We have already successfully treated 15-20 cases.

Patients overwhelmingly come to us as a result of recommendations; through this the catchment area for the practice is continuing to grow. We don’t advertise; on the contrary, we are trying to slow down the influx. We are unable to treat any more patients than we currently do and we are already often working on Saturdays. Every day 10–15 patients come to us just for bioresonance therapy. It’s no surprise with a success rate of around 90%!

Our main areas of treatment are: pain, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, lumbar and cervical spine problems, circulatory problems, pre- and post-operative treatments etc.

From a scientific point of view the BICOM® device is a bonus for our practice.

To familiarise yourself better with bioresonance therapy, a basic training is recommended, because it enables the broad spectrum of treatment options to be fully exploited. The time invested is certainly worth it. It is a great feeling being able to help patients who have suffered from chronic conditions over a number of years.

ENT practice Dipl.-Med. Heike Mc Manus