Joint & Body pain, eased with the aid of Bioresonance

Joint pain

“After not feeling well for a number of years I suddenly started experiencing pain in my body including joints. I’d had numerous blood tests by the doctors which didn’t find anything. Still having pain I looked into Bioresonance.

I spoke to David who was very understanding so I decided to book an appointment. It was there that I met Chris. Chris was very kind and made you feel at ease. He went through everything about the treatment.

I am starting to feel much better with much less pain and I’m confident things will keep on improving, getting to the root cause. He found lots of things that I hadn’t realised I had. I will keep visiting Chris as I believe it’s a way to better health. He is always there to give advice and support.

Anyone with health problems I would say give it a go, you won’t regret it !

My husband has also stopped smoking due to the therapy .
Thank you Chris and David.”

– Tracy