An end to recurring urinary tract infections

Urology: BICOM® in a urological practice

I very often found that I had exhausted all possibilities when practising conventional medicine in my urology practice to treat recurring urinary tract infections. These options comprised treatment with medication including various antibiotics as well as the usual measures taken to prevent recurrence, i.e. keeping the area warm or drinking plenty of diuretic tea.

Despite these measures many patients experienced recurring urinary tract infections.

Initially I only wanted to try out the BICOM® device. I recruited 25 patients who suffered from recurring urinary tract infections and had exhausted all forms of conventional treatment.

The patients were treated with the therapy programs recommended for their symptoms which were stored in the device. Success was almost instantaneous. On average for these 25 patients four treatments were necessary.

For purely prophylactic reasons, two treatments were also carried out every 3 months within the space of two weeks. The whole process started a year ago and 23 of the 25 patients have not experienced any recurrence in their urinary tract infections.

With BICOM® bioresonance therapy I have finally found a way to help my patients overcome this painful cycle of recurring infections. I am really impressed with this form of therapy and my work gives me so much pleasure, because I am able to help so many patients.

I recommend bioresonance therapy particularly to patients who experience the same symptoms time and again and who cannot be helped with conventional drugs.

These patients are generally willing to pay for treatment from their own pockets.


Specialist Stored BICOM® programs for urinary tract infections

Prog. ‘urinary tract infection’

Prog. ‘irritation of the bladder’

Prog. ‘bladder, acute’ / ‘bladder, chronic’

Prog. ‘kidney, acute’ / ‘kidney, chronic’

Prog. ‘renal function impairment’

Prog. ‘stress through pathogens (viruses, moulds, bacteria)’

Prog. ‘increasing powers of resistance’

Prog. ‘immunodeficiency’

Prog. ‘regulating urine volume’

Prog. ‘auto-urinary therapy’ etc