For 10 years his hands were covered in coarse warts

23-year-old patient

In addition to allergy therapy we also use the BICOM® device for a number of other indications. One example is a 23-year-old man came to our practice. For ten years both his hands had been covered in coarse warts. He suffered greatly as a result and felt embarrassed, but no dermatologist had yet been able to help him.

A colleague of his, who was undergoing treatment at our practice for an allergy at the time, recommended that he try bioresonance at our practice. Initially we weren’t sure whether we could improve the condition of his skin, but we wanted to at least try, because it looked really unsightly.

I applied the program for treating warts indicated in the BICOM® therapy handbook. After the first treatment the warts had already started to change.

He came three times at two-week intervals for treatment, but the warts appeared to be getting bigger rather than smaller.

When he came to our practice for the fourth time, he told us that he had showered the evening before and suddenly all of the warts had disappeared. They simply dropped off while he was showering. He didn’t need any further treatment. The last treatment was two years ago and since then he hasn’t had any more warts.

These cases are just two of many successful treatments completed.

Almost all patients come to us as a result of word of mouth and often come from far and wide to be treated with bioresonance in our practice.