In the event of a financial collapse or another disaster, being able to take care of your medical needs could be very difficult. The BICOM® mobile cannot put a leg back on but according to doctors in Germany that treat sports injuries, it can speed healing by 50% for broken bones, ligament damage and muscle strain.

But it is even more effective for acute situations such as bee stings or other bites. Vets will use the bee sting programs to halt a dog in the throws of a serious life-threatening anaphylactic shock, the same can be done to humans out in the field.

For severe diarrhoea simply add a small sample to the BICOM® input cup and run a specific program. The BICOM® analyses the sample for pathogens and can treat them effectively, bringing relief within a few hours.

You don’t need medical experience to operate the BICOM®, it runs on a battery too.

The BICOM® Optima is an official Class 2a medical device with CE certification

For a full list of treatment programs Quick reference BICOM® Handbook

BICOM® B34 mobile field

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