Become a “BICOM® Lifecoach”

A new concept: prevention using BICOM therapy and lifestyle changes.

Brief for New Practitioners


Currently the focus in both mainstream medicine and naturopathy is very much on treating disease. Health education and preventive healthcare tend to play a secondary role. People who come to our practices are usually ill and need help in finding a way of overcoming their illnesses. This means that both we and our patients tend to concentrate on the illness and how together we can help the patient regain health. We would of course try to help patients already ill, but this program is designed to “Prevent” with 3 key stages.

  1. Harmony and balance for the physical body
  2. Harmony and balance for the emotional body
  3. Harmony and balance for the mental body

The methods used are based on an holistic approach including epigenetic’s, quantum physics, BICOM® therapy, dietary advice, environmental toxins, exercise plus others. These are explained in more detail below

Target audience:

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Lots of people interested in Health, wellness, gyms and spa. No alternative in conventional health, no control by authorities. Easy to start, very little training required, no medical experience required, not testing or treatment conducted, online and video training provided, lower cost than standard bicom, easy to integrate into existing health programs and upsell opportunities with supplements etc. Become part of the BICOM® family and work toward full BICOM® therapist if desired.

What you get:

  1. B32 desktop but with reduced options, comes with beakers, flexible applicator, handplate and modulation mat.
  2. Small box of 10 ampoules
  3. 5 books (It’s your Life) and 5 elements (a book for each element)
  4. Video of exercises
  5. Questionnaire for diagnostics
  6. Pre-built program sequences for 5 element therapy
  7. Online training course with certification
  8. Possible further training if required
  9. Marketing support, database entry, website listing


The BICOM® Optima and BICOM® Lifecoach training is £13,960 plus VAT

Extra marketing literature and books can be ordered at minimal cost

Finance option available to spread costs

More detail:

The “It’s YOUR Life” strategy is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and contains elements from holistic medicine and psychosynthesis. With it we aim to help people improve their health and lead a self-reliant life, with your help as coach, acquire the relevant knowledge, health, harmony and balance. It is obviously not meant to replace conventional medical or psychological treatment but rather to help healthy people, and those who have regained their health after a chronic illness, to stay healthy and strengthen their self-healing powers. We expressly wish to point out that we do not actually conduct any treatment in this strategy. It is all about preventive healthcare and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This strategy is also not aimed at replacing the usual screening checks carried out in conventional medicine. The intention is to urge people autonomously to take responsibility for their own health.     

The approach in this strategy is based firstly on communicating traditional medicine which has a strong pedigree and secondly on the theory that all cells have energy and therefore we have an “energetic body”. According to this the human body does not just consist of a physical body but of an “emotional body” too, in fact out thoughts can actually have a very strong effect on our physical health. Conversely, we all know that illnesses do not just affect the physical body but that the effect of illnesses can also effect the emotional or mental sphere. If we hold fast to emotions such as anger or anxiety or if old thought processes and belief systems keep us prisoner, then we are no longer captain of our ship, but the victim. We have lost control and no longer have mastery of our lives. Instead our thoughts or emotions are in charge of us. This in turn leads to immense stress which also affects our physical body.

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