Therapy Machines: Optima

All BICOM Bioresonance devices, and their accessories, are manufactured in Germany. These are medical devices for use by a trained practitioner and are not consumer products, *guidelines on bioresonance therapy differ for each country, it is the responsibility of the therapist to research the requirements for their area.

Warranty is 24 months parts and labour and a factory-trained engineer in Germany carries out an inspection and calibration check before delivery of new devices to the customer. Practitioners purchasing a device receive free start-up support with treatment advice, client referral and listing as a practitioner on this website. Both introductory and advanced training is available in the UK at extra cost. All devices sold in the UK come with a comprehensive set of accessories included in the price and manuals and software are in English.

New CE certified BICOM® Optima 2021 

Front of the new Bicom B32 therapy device

  1. Coloured Screen
  2. Bandpass/Frequency Band
  3. Hand Plate Electrode
  4. Input Cup
  5. Test Honeycomb
  6. Modulation Mat
  7. Output Cup
  1. Chip Memory
  2. Magnetic Field Treatment (DMI)
  3. Electroacupuncture Test Section and Test Instruments
  4. EAP test reading display
  5. Multisoft pilot software


BICOM® devices are modular and may be configured to suit a customer’s application. All contain a therapy section with the ‘mirror’ circuit and filter for separating harmonious and disharmonious signals, six therapy modes and various frequency bandpass options. Computer programs with preset values based on the findings of experienced practitioners are stored in the device and may be selected by entering a three or four digit number. For testing, an electroacupuncture module can be fitted (far right in the diagram above) and a printer is available for easy recording of measurements.

The picture below is an older BICOM® model which is no longer manufactured.

5 reasons why to upgrade to B34

BICOM® Optima

The BICOM® Optima is the latest development in Bioresonance therapy. It is more computerised than earlier models with an on-screen therapy manual showing where to place applicators and optional operation using a laptop computer. It has a second input channel to allow constitutional support treatments to be given at the same time as the primary channel is being used to treat stressors. As well as the standard frequency range 10Hz to 150 KHz of earlier models, it has programs operating in the ‘brain wave’ region of 1 – 25Hz.

BICOM® Optima Mobile

Released in December 2010, the Mobil is for therapists on the move, therapists who work in more than one clinic or who make house calls may also find this a useful alternative or additional device.

The Mobil weighs only 7.5kg compared with the standard Optima’s 13kg. It comes with a trolley and a second aluminum case to store the accessories. It has all the features of an Optima B34 desktop model including electroacupuncture testing. However there is no room for the circular EAP dial. Instead the EAP measurement is displayed on a horizontal strip display at the top of the colour LCD screen. Multisoft pilot software can be used to print EAP data. A plus for the Optima Mobil is a built-in memory device for BICOM Chips.



The BICOM® Optima is supplied with a comprehensive set of accessories. However practitioners may need replacements or additional accessories for specialised applications. You will find these in the downloadable accessories catalogue.

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Efficacy Claims

It is important that the only substantiated claim is for BICOM® Bioresonance Therapy is to treat allergies and lessen allergic reactions, clinical trials for this non-invasive therapy need to be conducted. This is ongoing in a number of countries. The energy wavelengths produced are still being monitored on the human body, body cells, unhealthy cells and other biological systems.

The benefit of the BICOM® is that it uses the natural frequency or the same frequency of the body’s cells so is not introducing alien or harmful frequencies. These devices are in the sphere of Quantum physics which is still being researched the current understanding helps to explain how bioresonance works and the positive effects can be observed. They are not designed to provide a specific diagnosis of medical conditions and to provide a therapy rather than a treatment.

Models and Prices

Reasons to buy from BICOM® UK LLP

Registered sole UK agent for Regumed which means
  • Your device will be registered with Regumed in Germany
  • 24 month guarantee and technical support via phone and remote connection
  • You can attend the annual Congress and training
In addition and from BICOM UK
  • Bioresonance machine guarantee extended to 24 months
  • Free access to the word searchable online congress papers (last 20 years)
  • Free access to online therapy tips, manuals and training manuals
  • Free phone, text and Skype support
  • Largest English Regumed bioresonance method training school in the world
  • Bioresonance Institute membership after training
  • Medical insurance eligibility documents bioresonance treatment

None of the above apply to non-approved used devices

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