Bicom Bioresonance therapy Singapore

Bicom Bioresonance Therapy

There are a number of clinics in Singapore offering Bicom Bioresonance therapy and amongst other services offering allergy testing and allergy treatments. Bicom has had a long pedigree for providing reliable non invasive therapy bio resonance devices, it has moved on considerably since the early standardized MORA bioresonance therapy devices.

The BICOM® is not like any other bioresonance treatment as it uses the natural frequency emitted from the human body cells. This is much more effective than hitting patients with an unnatural frequency from lower cost biofeedback devices. The BICOM® bioresonance method is used as a complementary therapy and not as a replacement for conventional medicine which is why we don’t use the expression “alternative medicine”

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A properly trained and approved BICOM® therapist makes it clear they cannot diagnose medical conditions on the BICOM® but rather look for underlying causes using specific frequencies emitted by the body’s cells, unhealthy cells or pathological frequencies that may be present. It’s understood that cells communicate in the body and the introduction of electromagnetic oscillations via a large electromagnetic mat can have an effect on the body self regulation.

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