A Comprehensive Overview Of Bioresonance Therapy

The medical industry has evolved a lot in the last decade. In ancient times, people had to turn toward plants and other natural sources to treat illnesses – ranging from a common cold to a more serious, life-threatening disease. Then came the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, offering drugs that can treat just about any medical problem, whether it is a headache or something much more serious, such as heart disease. Today, however, we often find ourselves reaching for the remedies that were used in ancient times more than we reach for the pharmaceutical drugs. Even though these drugs do offer us the ability to relieve certain symptoms and even treat some diseases, they can also come with the cost of side-effects.

Turning toward alternative medicine has worked for centuries and, thanks to all of the advancements in technology and the medical industry in general, alternative medicines are also advancing just like the pharmaceutical products that are available to treat medical conditions. One particular alternative approach to treating both common and some of the more serious diseases that a person can be diagnosed with is Bioresonance therapy. This technique is unlike other methods that utilize drugs or particular ingredients, which are consumed orally or injected directly into a blood vessel, but rather equips the body with the ability to heal itself.

What Is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is a form of alternative healing that does not demand a person to take any type of pharmaceutical drug or utilize any type of herbal medication to find relieve of the particular symptoms they are experiencing, but rather helps the body heal itself. This might seem somewhat strange to many people, but the results that have been obtained through the utilization of bioresonance therapy, along with the scientific research that has been conducted on the use of this particular alternative healing option in the treatment of many diseases, provides evidence that it is most certainly a treatment option that should not be overlooked in the modern world.

Bioresonance UK explains that this type of treatment option utilizes the body’s biophysics, which is a term used to describe the physics of the human body, to provide a mechanism by which the body can be rid of harmful toxins and stressors that are causing the development of disease and symptoms. Bioresonance therapy is utilized in different ways, depending on the medical ailment that is being treated in a particular patient.

In many cases, the technology is used as a supportive therapy option in addition to existing treatment options. Many practitioners find that they are able to lower the dosage of certain medication, be it natural or pharmaceutical, in a patient when they combine the existing medication that is administered to the patient with bioresonance therapy. There are also cases where this technology is used to assist with reducing some symptoms a patient may be experiencing when they have been diagnosed with a disease that cannot be cured. In some cases, bioresonance therapy may also be the only option needed to treat a particular ailment.

How Does Bioresonance Therapy Work?

To truly understand how this form of alternative healing works, one first need to understand how the body works – in particular, the aspects that are used during bioresonance therapy. Scientists that specializes in the area of quantum physics have determined that any substance that can be found in the human body, as well as those found in animals and in other living things, sends out electromagnetic waves consistently. The primary substances considered is all the cells that make up the human body, but many other substances also send out these electromagnetic waves, including toxins, bacteria and viruses. Each of these substances has their own wave frequency and certain characteristics that make it possible to identify the type of substance, as well as whether any particular substance should be considered beneficial or potentially harmful.

Bioresonance therapy depends on these electromagnetic waves sent out by cells and other substances found within the human body. During a session, a special device, referred to as a BICOM device, is used to collection information about electromagnetic waves emitted from within the patient’s body. There are two primary methods in which such data can be collected – either directly from the patient’s body or from substances that seems to be causing stress or harm to the body.

The machine that is operated during bioresonance therapy is equipped with technology that can determine which electromagnetic waves are beneficial or harmful to the patient. The BICOM device is then programmed to boost the electromagnetic waves that are considered beneficial or healthy – these waves are then sent back into the patient’s body. The waves that seem potentially harmful, however, are not boosted, but rather inverted, and then sent back into the patient’s body. By inverting the harmful signals, the BICOM device causes the original signals that were found in the patient’s body to be cancelled out.


Bioresonance therapy is gaining momentum in the medical industry, now being viewed as one of the medicines that will simply become more useful in the near future. The technology utilized during this alternative treatment method enables the human body to improve its existing functions and, in the process, also helps the body heal itself. The technology also helps to cancel out any particularly harmful substances in the body by inverting their electromagnetic waves. This alternative healing method has been used to successfully treat a number of health conditions, and as a way to reduce the amount of medication administered to a patient when it comes to more serious diseases.