Improved liver values

Finally after 13 years:

A 52-year-old female patient was suffering from chronic fatigue and recurring headaches. Her fatigue was so pronounced that it often required a huge effort on her part to look after the household and her family. Her professional life also suffered hugely as a result.

She had received help from her family doctor for the past 13 years and had to have blood taken four times a year because of her poor liver values. She came to my practice and said that her father had given her this treatment as a present and that she personally didn’t really believe in it. She also intended to have blood taken again in the next three months and that would show her whether her values had improved.

I told her that I wasn’t sure whether it would be possible to see any changes in the blood, but I reassured her that she would probably feel noticeably better.

After I tested using suitable programs, we started the BICOM® therapy. I used the stored liver and gallbladder programs in particular, but also the circulation programs for the head and abdominal area. The patient felt better after each therapy.

After the 9th treatment she had an appointment with her GP for the routine blood sample. When she received the results, she called me excitedly and explained that not only had the treatments had a noticeable impact on her, but also that her blood count had significantly improved: Y-GT had fallen from 148 to 39, GOT had improved from 41 to 28 and the GPT value had fallen from 93 to 34. Now we had it in black and white. Her GP was amazed that after 13 years her blood count had improved so drastically and could not comprehend the improvement.