Leishmania infantum cured with bioresonance

Client Name: Charlie Holtermann – VET

Leishmania infantum


Meet Coffee the rescued podenco, diagnosed with leishmaniasis in 2015, there is currently no conventional treatment for this disease. But Veterinary Surgeons in Germany have bee very successful in treating for leishmaniasis for the last decade.

This case comes from a clinic in Spain and has the test results to prove its validity.
“In the past, a dog with leishmaniasis had to take strong medication for the rest of its life as the disease could not be eliminated by conventional medical methods.

Cases with a titre of 1:4500 have ended up giving negative readings after using BICOM.” Excerpt from “BICOM® Bioresonance Method” Dr. med. vet. Claudia May; Munich, Winter 2002

Coffee was treated with BICOM® Bioresonance and started showing signs of recovery in the first 2 weeks.
Once his 6 treatments were finished, he had put on weight, his coat was thick and shiny again and he had regained his energy.
He even went on to win 2nd place for Handsomest Dog in a local dog contest!
Almost a year later, he has been tested again and the titer is 1/40, considered negative for Leishmania infantum.Leishmania-infantum-test1 Leishmania-infantum-test-results